Grounding is the practice of re-connecting to your physicality, inner-core & the Earth. It’s a very beneficial spiritual practice for anyone living in this day & age because for starters most of us are being mentally + emotionally overstimulated all day just through casual engaging in social media or consuming any sort of mass media product. The way our lives are set up for most people nowadays so many of us are too often stuck in our heads, over-thinking & over-analyzing. Learning to ground yourself & getting in the habit of doing it regularly can be beneficial + life-enhancing for virtually anybody but it’s a very important & necessary practice for Witches. There are many reasons why , the main ones being:  Witches are by nature very sensitive + emphatic people. They have a natural tendency to soak up the feelings/emotions of everyone around them. They also often deal with tons of information coming their way in a variety of forms all day long. So if the average human (muggle) already deals with way too much information on a daily basis because of the way our age of information lifestyle is set up… your typical Witch deals with that times In order to be a well-adjusted, relaxed & non-crazy Witch, regularly grounding yourself is very important & should be a priority. Many beginners or uninformed/underexposed Witches are often not aware of the symptoms of not being grounded, but that’s another issue. I might make another post about that in the near future. Please let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in.

As a general rule I will tell you that when we are frazzled, overwhelmed or can’t stop thinking yet we never seem to get any clarity… it is usually because we’ve been living from our thinking minds only. Our minds are like the most incredible + powerful computers. They’re able to process + analyze huge amounts of information but we humans aren’t just our minds for good reason. Our thinking minds are amazing but not necessarily good at everything. For example (& I know this may be a controversial statement to some) making decisions. The thinking mind’s tendency is to ruminate all the data over & over again until they no longer know what it is you, the actual person, wants or needs. The thinking mind is a fantastic asset to gather & analyze facts + information but good luck on making it choose between two options of seemingly equal value. This is why we need our intuition & emotional guidance systems. This is also why learning to ground yourself is so important. When you learn to more regularly engage the other (equally important & necessary) parts of your being in the process of living then you’re able to function + make decisions from a more coherent, well-rounded place which will lead to a more self-actualized life for you.

So, without further ado, here’s 7 easy ways to Ground Yourself in your everyday life:


  1. Take off your shoes


    I’ll start this list with the easiest, fastest way to quickly ground yourself. Walking around barefoot (especially on natural ground) is one of the best ways to ground yourself. Even though I will say, depending on how wired (or out of your mind) you feel you might need to combine this one with another technique on the list for it IF you aren’t able to do this in natural ground, that is.


  2. Take a bath or shower

    Another powerful way to come back to your body/self when you’re feeling all over the place or consumed by frantic thoughts and/or emotions. Get in the water! It can be a bath if you have access to a nice tub, it can be a shower or a dip in a pool or even better yet a natural body of water. The point is though, strip down & get wet! Water has a way of totally engaging our senses + if you totally submerge yourself then your mind has a tendency to surrender all thought, even if not for long this practice is a great way to not just ground yourself but also digest the day or reset your whole attitude if you’ve been feeling out of sorts. You can take it a step further & turn it into a Witchy Bath Ritual without much extra work involved.

  3. Go outside

    If you live in the kind of climate (hot or cold) or work the kind of job that requires you to spend most of your time indoors, then many times grounding yourself it’s as easy as taking a moment to go outside. You don’t even need to be in full-blown nature (even though that always works extra better) but just outdoors- even if surrounded by buildings. Of course, if you can at least go to a park or any green area that helps too. But the main point is just to breath outside, non-heated or cooled, air. Stretch around + you will find your head clears & you feel much more grounded pretty much immediately. Having said this, if you have no access to nature then you might need to combine this method with another one from the list to fully ground yourself.

  4. Get physical

    One of the best + quickest ways to ground yourself is to get your body moving + feeling things. Get your heart pumping to the point where you aren’t thinking anymore & you’re focused totally on your body + breathing. Any kind of physical activity will work. From a walk, to a little dance session in your living room, to a swim, to sex… as long as it’s making you be fully present in the moment + your body it’s a good way to ground yourself.

  5. Immerse yourself in Nature


    Anytime you fully immerse yourself in nature you immerse yourself fully into your body. This is why the experience can be uncomfortable for some people. If they’re the types who live mostly from their intellectual, thinking brains then being confronted with their utter physicality, like you are whenever you go deep into any sort of natural environment can become a challenge. You are forced to let go. If you embrace the experience though, it is ALWAYS tremendously beneficial & often a complete reset for your psyche. This is something Witches need very regularly to be at their best gift-wise but also mentally, physically & emotionally.

  6. Focus on your Breathing


    This one sounds as deceptively simple as the meditation adage: Clear your mind. Easier said than done but so very powerful in its complete simplicity when achieved. How, you ask? Well, think about it for a minute. If you’re able to shut off the outside world (that includes any stimuli coming from outside your body) & completely focus on your natural breathing without attempting to control or moderate it then you can ground yourself in record time with this technique, anywhere, anytime.

  7. Engage your Senses

    This is another super effective & super quick way to snap out of any sort of mind-fuck + ground yourself in the present moment & the physicality of your body. Just get your senses going any way possible. Smell something nice (essential oils, coffee, your fave perfume, some oranges… anything you like); play some music you love or sing yourself a song, look at something that you find so beautiful it takes your breath away for a second; taste something stimulating like with a bit of spice or sweet enough to make you feel a little naughty; revel in touching something really soft & sensuous for a moment, like a silk scarf or a super smooth, cold, stone kitchen counter or better yet, lather your skin up with some really nice, silky oil or lotion + make yourself feel amazing. The trick is to get your senses stimulated to the point that you stop thinking & start living from your body.