These witches are sensitive & profound beings. They are vibrant, mysterious and very spiritual. With deeply emotional natures they can be easily overwhelmed if they don’t take their own needs into account enough. They have very vivid minds which makes them usually very powerful witches. Romantic + sensual they are lovers rather than fighters and when put on the spot might surprise others with the depth of their emotions & perspectives. They can be caring, gentle + compassionate but when their passion
overtakes them can become blinded by it & do things they’ll later regret.


Pretty yet mystical. Glamorous yet comfortable. Pisces likes to mix up the effortless with the special + sparkly. They’re really fluid people, so they need to feel at ease in their clothes, able to move naturally & spontaneously without a second thought. At the same time, a low-key glam vibe is an integral part of most Pisces Witches style. They really love their sparkly treasures these ones & will often wear things that were gifted to them or with a special story behind them. Pisces can be sentimental & this shows in their choice of accessories + attention to detail when it comes to putting even the most casual outfits together.

Pisces Witches can also be quite idealistic so in terms of fashion + style, their aesthetics are always evolving. Another thing is a Pisces Witch will always dress according to her mood + vibe, not necessarily dress codes or always “appropriately for the occasion”. While others might interpret these behaviors as rebellious or quirky the truth is Pisces Witches just need to express themselves & their emotional state and cannot help to do it through style & fashion. As a matter of fact, when a Pisces Witch for some reason ends up repressing this natural tendency, she’ll experience blockages in other areas of her life especially re: communication, creativity & self-acceptance.


Their dreams, fantasies & visions! Pisces Witches are very imaginative, idealistic people. They’re also the kinds of Witches that have a thirst for adventure & travel. They are very open-minded + always seeking to expand their world-view so experiencing other places & cultures if very fulfilling for them. They like to feel like there’s always more to explore + uncover in life. Going to other countries & seeing the world always renews this feeling in them which they find tremendously inspiring + energizing.

If they for some reason can’t indulge in this natural craving, the Pisces Witch will fulfill it in other ways like socializing with people from other cultures, picking up foreign hobbies, watching all manner of travel shows & going for little day trip adventures.

The other biggest motivation for Pisces Witches is Love. They are deep feeling, emotional people who operate from their heart chakra. A Pisces Witch will do anything for those she loves. These Witches form emotional bonds easily + quickly. They find it easy to share themselves with others while maintaining a healthy distance & because they’re both extremely emphatic + comfortable with emotions they can easily & comfortably talk with anyone about deeply personal topics or taboo subjects.

  • The Pisces Witch’s Strengths & Weaknesses

Pisces tend to be Natural Witches. Their strengths make it easy for them to be. They are very passionate, deep & able to channel powerful emotions without getting overwhelmed. This is a huge asset in witchcraft & all matters of manifesting.

Another thing about Pisces Witches is they are extremely intuitive. They are innately guided by their inner voice & will rarely listen to others more intently than they listen to themselves.

Pisces Witches are very curious + love to learn which on the positive side means they often have a wide & varied skill set as well as interests but on the more negative side can make them prone to gossip, intrude & overstep.

Another big weakness for the Pisces Witch is consistency. Or their lack of it. Their powerfully imaginative minds, while a huge strength in creative or magical pursuits can also mean these Witches are quite the scatterbrains. Their heads are often in the clouds & it’s hard to get their attention for long periods of time on things that aren’t genuinely interesting to them. Another possible weakness to look out for is their gullibility. The Pisces Witch is a big believer. In people. In principles. In concepts. In ideals. This can, again, be a big strength but depending on the situation can also make them trust people or situations they shouldn’t because they really want to see the best in every situation/person.

  •  The Pisces Witch’s Crew

Piscean Witches are very dual creatures & they usually have two very different sides to them, socially speaking. They tend to be easy going, accepting, laid back & generally likable which means they can be quite popular. But that’s how they are perceived by others, inside the Pisces Witch can often feel social anxiety, which may make them seek solitude often or feel misunderstood deep down. No matter how many casual friends & acquaintances they have, only a select few will ever get to know the real them. Others rarely see this about them though, and they’re often very beloved friends & missed when they aren’t around. If they find the right coven, they can bring a lot to the table in all sorts of group settings but given their love of privacy, secrecy & alone time Pisces Witches are more often than not solitary practitioners. Even when they have many other witchy friends in their circle, they might join in group celebrations from time to time but not completely commit to a coven.

  • The Pisces Witch’s Secret Weapon

Like I mentioned earlier, a Pisces Witch can handle emotions that would overwhelm other signs to the point of feeling incapacitated. In terms of magic, this is a huge asset. If the Pisces Witch learns to leverage & focus her emotional states she can pretty much achieve anything she ever wants to. For this reason, the best thing for a Pisces Witch to focus on is emotional self-mastery. Once the Pisces Witch learns to truly navigate + regulate + direct her emotional powers her world literally becomes her oyster.

  • The Pisces Witch’s Special Powers

Considered by many to be the most naturally Psychic sign of the Zodiac, their biggest talent are usually divination + empathy & telepathy.

Pisces Witches are most often naturally gifted at any form of divination. They are the kinds of Witches that will immediately connect with any & all divination tools but can also read people + things in unusual, unorthodox, spontaneous ways. These Witches rarely need any tools at all to do their magic. Even before they’re in full command of their powers, they can swing anything without physical aids. But they are such lovers of special treasures they will likely collect all sorts of their favorite witchy & divination tools.

Another special power of the Pisces Witch is they can easily tune into people’s brain waves + emotional states as well. This isn’t always pleasant. At times these Witches might find themselves a witness to trains of thoughts not coming from themselves that may feel intrusive, disturbing or unpleasant. Or overwhelmed by emotions that feel alien to them. This happens most when in crowded public spaces but also very much around people they are close to – not necessarily in an emotional way, but close in proximity, whether it be physically or based on energetic ties. This means is practically impossible to lie to a Pisces Witch, that is unless she really wants to believe your lie more than to see what she knows already because it’s staring her right in the face.



  1. Beware of assuming you know everything a person is thinking or feeling. Yes, you are probably reading them on some level but at the end of the day, each person is the highest authority when it comes to saying how they feel or what they think.
  2. You can easily get anything you want once you learn to master + leverage your emotions for your benefit.
  3. It’s pretty easy for you to understand others & their problems, but remember: not necessarily always your job to fix anything.
  4. You may often find yourself holding opposing thoughts or views at once. Understand that while this is ok, in order to get anywhere in life you will have to find a way to find alignment, from the inside out.
  5. Allow yourself time & space to be alone + recharge. As much as people love you you will end up resenting them if you stay in a constant state of burn out, which in your case is guaranteed if you don’t prioritize your alone time.
  6. You are a big fantasizer, infuse those fantasies with meaning + purpose AND align them with your feelings & intentions to reach total self-actualization.
  7. Just because you see something coming a million miles away doesn’t mean it’s for you to instigate it. There’s a time to be the seer & a time to be the manifestor.