The Essence of the Aquarius Witch

These witches are a living paradox. They are very loving & loyal yet at the same time detached & independent. Can be quite social and the life of the party but needs lots of alone time & space. Extremely creative, only predictable in their unpredictability. Their powerful imagination & vision can be their greatest asset. Practical and honest they can only thrive if they can be fully themselves & do things their way. They are searchers of truth + pursuers of enlightenment. They want to understand the hows & whys of everything. This makes them both passionate life-long learners & very open-minded and curious people. They can be accepting of a lot as they enjoy stretching their comfort zone but once you cross a serious line with them is hard to ever go back to how things were before. They don’t have an easy time setting boundaries so when they feel violated the only way they know how to deal with it is by taking some kind of radical action in their defense & leaving no room for interpretation. These witches are ruled by emotions (water) but are also deep thinkers (air) & usually quite intellectual. They have powerful minds & can envision things in great detail. They are great at connecting abstract ideas & concepts where others have trouble seeing the links. This is one of the reasons they’re naturally gifted at magic. They’re usually old souls who very much enjoy the modern ways. They’re as into vintage & history as they are into technology & sci-fi.

The Aquarius Witch’s Style

Unique. Expressive. Fluid. Totally their own. To outsiders may seem like a walking, breathing contradiction. One needs to look deep to make sense of the Aquarius Witch’s eccentric style in which they go about pretty much everything. They usually have visual + aesthetic themes that they live by & others can easily recognize. They have a deep need to express themselves through their everyday life + choices & this specially shows in their personal style. They can at times like flashy things but will always gravitate towards a classic shape. At the same time, they love futuristic stuff so anything sparkly, iridescent or metallic will catch their eye. They will experiment with trends but only if they seem cool to them, they don’t care about what’s in style at the moment. You can see who an Aquarius Witch is & what matters to her by paying close attention to the details of how she puts her looks + surroundings together. She is very deliberate.

What motivates an Aquarius Witch?

Freedom. Of expression, of choice, of every kind there is. An Aquarius Witch is mainly motivated by getting to do things their own way, live life on their own terms & have to give the least explanations possible. But there’s also an intensely humanitarian, emphatic, charitable side to the Aquarius Witch that motivates her to do things for the greater good or go out of her way to be of help to others, even when she doesn’t have a personal relationship with them or it hasn’t been asked of them. Once an Aquarius Witch has figured out her life purpose or if she feels she has a mission in life towards a greater good, she’s completely relentless + unstoppable. But she needs to feel this calling from the depths of her soul. In general though, an Aquarius Witch knows how to read situations + dynamics and will always try to do what she can to help others, she’s motivated by contribution to a greater good but she will need to understand how her actions have a practical impact on the cause at hand. If she fails to see how her efforts will have a real, positive repercussion she will quickly lose interest.


  • The Aquarius Witch’s Strengths & Weaknesses

The Aquarius Witch is fiercely independent minded, which makes her a strong, self-assured person but it also makes it difficult for them to reach out for help when they need it. They can inadvertently give off a distant, aloof vibe which when combined with their unpredictability can make some people nervous & insecure around them. They are so confident they can be intimidating. They’re virtually impossible to ever completely figure out & a challenge to read. This makes them fascinating people but also difficult to pin down or make sense of at times. For some that can be unnerving. One thing’s for sure, with an Aquarius Witch you will never ever be bored & life will always be interesting. She doesn’t care what other people think, an Aquarius Witch is truly free in her mind & is very spontaneous. She always goes with the flow + doesn’t care too much about breaking rules so if you are the kind of person who is easily embarrassed or like to color only within the lines these witches might make you uncomfortable with their silly, playful, occasionally exhibitionist nature. If embraced, they can be a hoot & a half.

Another thing about Aquarius Witches is they can be very stubborn, which is both a strength + a weakness. When they are dead-set on an idea or feeling, they can hold on to it forever, because they don’t need any sort of external validation to believe in what they believe in. This can turn against them if they lose sight of reality or become so absorbed with their own view that they fail to see other important sides of an issue.

  •  The Aquarius Witch’s Crew

The Aquarius Witch is a social creature, can even be a social butterfly but she also needs her alone time + space away from the world. There’s a push & pull between extroversion + introversion that most Aquarius experience. They do tend to have a few very, super intimate friendships in their lives. With the special people they love the most they love to spend time one on one. Their best matches in terms of both friendship & love (which to an Aquarius Witch there can’t be one without the other)  are other air signs like Libras + Geminis but they are also very compatible & have amazing chemistry with Leos. They are their opposite signs, which means they are basically moved by the same things yet go about them in polar opposite ways, so it’s always a fascinating, intense, fun combination with lots of magical potential. In general they love fiercely & are super loyal, almost to a fault but, only if allowed as  much independence as she needs & once they’re done, they’re done. You will probably get lots of chances + assertive warnings but once it’s over don’t expect an explanation. While they may look back they are never unfreezing those emotions again. They’re very forgiving & will let almost anything go but they can’t do as if nothing had happened, they feel how they feel.

  • The Aquarius Witch’s Secret Weapon

On a clear day, the Aquarius Witch can see forever. Their intuition & scary-accurate powers of premonition + clairvoyance are often both their biggest assets + challenges in life. On the one hand, they love knowing so much because they have a natural thirst for knowledge, answers & making sense of things. On the other hand, they can often feel overwhelmed by the information overload & feel bugged down by a sense of too much responsibility as a result of what they know.

Beware of lying to an Aquarius Witch, she will know something’s up immediately AND won’t say anything about it. She just takes in information & you’ll only figure out how much she knows by the time she’s made a decision to deal with it and IF she chooses to let you know. But consider yourself warned, after a serious faux pas, even when you thought she didn’t realize what was going on or even if she didn’t seem offended, the Aquarius Witch will most often just disappear on you & leave you wondering why forever. As I mentioned, they both really just don’t like giving explanations nor care what people think about them.

  • The Aquarius Witch’s Special Powers

Magical Visualization, astral travel, channeling & meditation.

An Aquarius Witch is an emotional creature & her moods are like the waters of the Ocean. They come in waves, are deeply affected by the moon, vary with the tides & temperatures. One of her Special Powers is her ability to both warm & chill their emotions as if they were water. So if an Aquarius Witch gets ice cold with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t feel anything. The depth of her feelings would probably astound you if you got a peek. She just froze the hell out of them to deal with you. Knowing Aquarius Witches & how everything they do is well-thought out & for good reason, you must have done something. Just saying.

They also tend to be real Witch in the Kitchen types, they can freestyle anything and they’re their most powerful + magical when given space & room to be spontaneous + creative. That’s why they usually love to come up with their own spells, incantations & freestyle their rituals.

Witchy TIPS  for Aquarian Witches

  1. Remember to express your feelings to those who matter to you, sometimes you may not realize how distant you can seem. Make an effort to open up.
  2. Understand that in order to successfully manifest you can’t be forever in the visualization phased, you have to let go of your ideas & release them to the Universe for them to come to fruition.
  3. You will have a tendency to want to figure out all the hows & the wheres about every thing you manifest. Learn to not think about that & your manifestations will be much faster + better suited to you.
  4. Don’t feel guilty for naturally dancing to the beat of your own drum & not having any desires to do things any way but your own. Embrace it.
  5. Allow yourself time & space to be alone + recharge. As much as you love people you will live in a constant state of burn out if you don’t prioritize your alone time.
  6. You will shock people. Not everyone will get you. They might misinterpret you. Learn to be 100% okay with that. Don’t exhaust yourself trying to make sense to anyone but yourself. Focus on exploring your own amazing, beautiful depths.
  7. When you’re in the midst of any unpleasant mood or situation, remember: your life is like the ocean, this weather will pass & every state is temporary but your nature is constant. You’ll be calm again.