In life we all face uncertainty. It doesn’t matter how wealthy, healthy or blessed you are there are times when you just don’t know what’s going to happen, how things are going to turn out. We’ve all found ourselves in bleak situations, where it was hard to see how things would work out in the end. It’s in those times when it’s most crucial to have faith & practice unshakable certainty.

But it’s not easy, and the Universe knows that, that’s why it sends us signs. To mark our path and get us where we need to be. The Universe is communicating with you at all times. Most of the time you’re probably barely aware of it. Some of the signs from the Universe are so “mundane” and acknowledged by all that we call them “common sense” but when matters get more complex and situations more tricky, the signs become less obvious, but also more powerful.

When you find yourself in a situation that is driving you nuts, you don’t know what to do, what to think, which direction to go… ask the Universe to send you Clear & Unmistakable signs, ask the Universe to shine light on your path so that you can better follow it.

When you do this, invariably the Universe will answer. But many times, we’re just not able to recognize the signs. Have you ever heard the phrase “he wouldn’t see a sign if it hit him across the face?” well it illustrates quite literally how difficult it can be to recognize the signs pointing our way in the midst of stress, fear and confusion.  It’s alright, don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to the best of us. But do keep these following tips in mind when you’re in need of a sign and you feel it just hasn’t come yet…



1. Coincidences, Synchronicities & Serendipities

The Universe’s favorite way of getting your attention, rendezvousing you with the right people & making things happen is through coincidences, synchronicities and serendipities. You have most likely heard the phrase before: it’s all about being in the right place, at the right time. This is so true, life is all about timing. Which means that no matter how much you prepare yourself for something, it always takes a little bit of magic to make those opportunities happen. That’s where coincidences come in. See, in reality, there are no such things. What might look like a coincidence to the untrained eye is an encounter carefully orchestrated by the Universe to get you where you need to go. It’s the moments that can become life-changing if you are able to recognize them, take a leap of faith and go with the flow when they show up in your life. Never dismiss these seemingly random encounters, opportunities & situations when they come along.

2. Give it a time frame

When you ask the Universe to give you something specific and then you set a clear time frame for this to happen in, you’re making a demand that the Universe will always fulfill. If you feel like you’ve been keeping your eyes & ears open and your consciousness ready to get these sings, but you just haven’t seen them, this might be the best solution: PUT A TIME LIMIT on your demand.

3. If you think something might be a sign, it IS

You may also be at the point in the journey, where you’ve been asking for signs and maybe have been getting them & seeing them but you just aren’t trusting these signs. You are second guessing them or your perception of them. Don’t. This is a common mistake and a sign in itself that we are not trusting ourselves and the Universe enough. As a rule of thumb, if you find yourself wondering whether something is a sign: it usually is!

4. The Universe works through people

Don’t be surprised if your sign comes from the mouth of a person, and the one you would have least expected it to come from at that. The Universe works through people and many times when it’s been hard to get a point across to you it will start doing it through people directly telling you what you need to hear. Keep your ears & mind open, don’t close yourself off to anything and go with the flow.



★ Keep an Open Mind and don’t jump to Conclusions

If you are really set on how things are supposed to work out in your life or situation, you might also encounter the problem that you’re seeing the signs, getting the signs… but you just don’t want to follow them because you don’t like them. They’re not leading you down the road you expected, and you’re making a bunch of assumptions and passing judgement on what going down that path will mean and where it will take you. When you find yourself in this position it’s time to have faith. Faith that the Universe knows what you want, knows what your dreams are. After all it was the Universe that put those dreams in your heart. But most importantly, the Universe wants to give you what you most want & wants you to be happy. So if you think the signs aren’t leading you down the right path, think again! Realize that your perception is very limited and what may look like going on the opposite direction of your dreams right now, might actually be a shortcut to your dreams! You just can’t see the big picture the way the Universe can right now.

For example, I remember when I was first told I had to spend my summer in a small town in Wisconsin for my exchange student program. At that point, I had worked so hard to get into that program and I had so many very specific expectations of the kind of summer I wanted to have, that I fought in every way I could to go to Wisconsin that summer. Little did I know, it was that summer, in that little town in Wisconsin that I would meet my soul mate. Now, looking back I am so happy I was not able to get my way back then, so I could get what my soul truly needed & deserved in the long run.

★ Remember that sings resonate with & speak to our hearts

When you’re faced with something that could be a sign but you aren’t 100% sure of how to take it, check your heart. Stop thinking for a moment, let all your thoughts come and go, ground yourself and look inside your heart. How does this possible sign make you feel? What effect does it have in your heart? If it’s the real deal, if it’s pointing the right way for you it will ALWAYS resonate with your heart and make you feel all warm, fuzzy & excited inside. No exceptions. If you feel doubt, fear or hesitance then you should stay put and wait for a better, more clear sign.

★ Signs are personal to you & so is their meaning

So most times they will only make sense to you. When you try and validate your personal spiritual experiences, including seeing signs, by talking about it with others you risk losing sight of the lesson or direction the sign was trying to impress on you to begin with. If you feel you’ve seen a sign, you don’t need to explain it to anybody else, and realize that even if you try they might not get it. It doesn’t matter, the only one who needs to get it is you and as long as you do, everything will work out.

★ You can never get it wrong, but you can go easily or not

What I have learned and what I most want you to remember is that no matter what you do, you will eventually go down the path you were supposed to, it’s just a matter of whether you will go willingly and in peace and/or joy or kicking and screaming and in pain.

When you don’t know how to follow a sign look for the easiest, most simple way to go about it. Water flows downstream, where it encounters no obstacles. So does energy. Do the same and you can rest assured you’re going with the Universe’s desires for you, because the Universe doesn’t make what is meant to happen difficult, it makes what is meant to happen inevitable and what isn’t meant to happen impossible. This is the way God, your angels, ancestors & spirit guides help you. They put up walls before tempting paths that would only lead you astray from your purpose, and they make your intended path so easy to follow it almost becomes inevitable. When something is meant to happen, it’s easy. It gains a momentum all on its own, you don’t have to fight for it or struggle to make it happen.