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So we’re now in Mercury Retrograde again and you’ve probably been seeing all kinds of Warnings, Survival Guides and Cautionary Tales. I understand Mercury Retrograde can look like a challenging time but there’s another side to this Astrological Phase that I feel gets overlooked with all this fear based content.

So I am here to tell you Why Mercury Retrograde is Good for You and how helpful it can be in your life and especially in making Magic.

As my lovely friend Teresa pointed out, Mercury Retrograde is a bit like the Hanged Man or Death card in Tarot, in that it gets a bad rep and instills intense fear in people before they even look deep into what it is about. As human beings, we have a tendency to be afraid of the unknown and death and change are certainly two of the biggest fear inducing subjects of all time. The only way to triumph over fear is to counteract it with Love. Fear is like Darkness and injecting Love into that fear is like turning on the Light switch. It’s difficult to be afraid of something you understand and see clearly.

So here’s everything you need to know in order to understand what’s happening and how to make the most out of it. Mercury Retrograde is a time of…



Like attracts like, your thoughts have a powerful energy of their own and they attract things. Usually we’re blessed with a time delay, which makes this reality of life more easily handleable. But during Mercury Retrograde this particular aspect of reality gets Sped Up! This can be really good or really bad, all depending on your level of awareness and your attitude. If you’re conscious of your thoughts + emotions and you are deliberate about choosing them, you can add a lot of power to your manifestations and make a lot of your dreams & goals come true faster than any other time of the year. On the other hand, if you let your mind focus on negative things, or things you don’t want and you allow your emotions to follow in that direction…the consequences can be catastrophic, and pretty quickly you’ll be deep in your own shit. Good news is that if you’re aware of what’s happening, you can just as quickly turn the situation around for yourself and rise higher than you ever thought possible in such a short amount of time.




During this time your Soul is going to be speaking to you LOUDLY. This is not normally the case, as your Soul usually prefers to whisper. But during Mercury Retrograde expect your life to be giving you Loud and Clear messages pretty much everywhere you turn. Your Dreams will be especially prophetic and insightful at this time and if you’re open and pay attention this will be immensely helpful to you. Your Soul sees a Bigger Picture of your Life and only wants what’s Best for You. So if you are able to listen to it and take in what it needs you to know and internalize your life will be all the better for it.




During Mercury Retrograde your mind won’t be as active and dominant as it usually is in most people nowadays. Most of us are taught since we’re very young that the way to live life, be responsible and handle things is to operate strictly from our Mind & Intellect. This is unfortunate because it isn’t true. When you operate mostly from your Mind, you’re not being a whole human being. You have a Soul + Heart + Instincts for a reason. Living your life only from any of those centers will always leave you unbalanced. It’s like you have a very complex and advanced navigation system to help you live your life to the fullest but you’re only listening to one source of information. As long as Mercury Retrograde lasts we’re given the unique opportunity to rely more on our other senses and power centers and this is very scary to people who have learned to completely ignore these other sources of information and power. They’re usually so backed up with energy that they get overwhelmed once it all starts coming through and when they try to reach their most beloved mind —-well, let’s just say it won’t be responding as fully and quickly as usual.

Again, the most important thing here is to be aware of what’s happening and open to the world of opportunities this unique situation brings to you. If your mind isn’t being as reliable as usual, don’t fret and follow your Heart or Gut for a change, you will be astounded at the Wonderful Miracles, Synchronicities and Happiness that will very quickly unfold in your life if you just go with it, intense as it might be.




Because in Mercury Retrograde your Soul is much louder than usual, and your mind is Slower and Quieter, if you give in to it and let go you will experience moments of life changing clarity. You will see things more clearly than in a long time and some really strong truths about you and the way you’ve been living your life and dealing with yourself will most likely come to the surface. Depending on how you’ve been doing lately this can be a really intense experience, but it doesn’t have to be bad. If you’ve been experiencing blockages, obstacles or have been spinning your wheels in any area of your life this can be a very cathartic and needed moment that gets your energy and life flowing in the right direction again. You just gotta ride the wave of emotions and realizations like you’re in the ocean. Remember: you’re not in control, and if you don’t want to get hurt you better just let go and ride the powerful waves that will be coming your way. At the end of the day, if you get in the flow of things and learn to just enjoy the moment you will feel exhilarated and you will come out of this Mercury Retrograde energized, improved and ready to embrace your life and follow your dreams with more passion than ever.




Visualizing is one of the major tools in making Magic and Manifesting. The challenge usually is infusing your Visualizations with the necessary energy to make them powerful forces of attraction and manifestation. In order to energize your Visualizations you need to pull from your Emotions. When mastering the art of Manifesting one of the biggest challenges is to learn to evoke specific emotions and link them to your Visualizations. During Mercury Retrograde all Visualizing is Enhanced. It’s easier to make the images in your mind real using your emotions. This is why Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to spend a lot of time meditating, doing magic, making to-do lists, planning and casting spells.

Any spells or rituals you do at this time will be stronger and more effective if you’re able to muster the right energy and feelings from deep within yourself.




Although spiritual empathy is a gift, people are often scared of it because if you don’t know how to handle it or “turn it off” it can be overwhelming and even debilitating.

During Mercury Retrograde even if you’re not usually gifted in this department, you will become more empathic than usual. And if you’re normally empathic, it will get more intense.

Once you recognize you’re having an empathic moment, if you think you can’t handle it or if it’s too unpleasant you can always turn it off, but always question why you want to do it in the first place.  A lot of people are simply afraid of feeling intense emotions, they think they’re bad because they don’t know how to handle them or take the value and lessons out of them. We’re afraid of suffering.

To turn off your empathic gift, you just have to isolate yourself (going to the bathroom will usually do, going for a walk in nature alone is better though), ground yourself, take some deep breaths, clear your mind and then state out loud and calmly, while you picture a door closing in your mind: NOT NOW, NO MORE. You can repeat it as a chant for a while if it’s not working right away and that will usually do the trick.

Knowing that you can always turn off your empathic gift usually will give a person enough relief to look at the whole thing differently and maybe start seeing how much of a gift it truly is in relationships and also in being a Light Worker in this world. You can make the world a better place if you’re able to understand other people and what they’re going through.

The key is to learn to recognize & observe emotions while maintaining an inner distance that allows you to not carry them or take them onto yourself. The reason Empathy gets really overwhelming at times, especially if surrounded by a lot of people, is because it gets hard to tell which emotions are yours and which are other people’s. You start blending with others energetically and that can really screw up your flow and inner balance.




The energy of Mercury Retrograde allows you to really feel the depths of your soul and what is going on with you in a way that you would normally have more trouble accessing. It enables you to realize and communicate your true feelings in a relationship, and it also makes it much easier to read what other people, especially those close to you, are feeling and thinking.

But there’s a reason why Mercury Retrograde is usually associated with communication challenges. Most people are afraid of facing their true feelings  and looking at their soul straight in the face, let alone look at the truth and feelings of someone they are close to.  I think this is one of the reasons people usually experience so much fear and resistance about Mercury Retrograde periods. Often times for the sake of just keeping on and handling the responsibilities and struggles of everyday life we end up overlooking what our souls are really going through or what’s going on with those closest to us. It’s usually a matter of practicality and nothing to feel guilty about but if we are the type to live our lives from our head only and try to control everything in our lives that way, it can be a rude awakening to be suddenly faced with all these deep seated emotions that one might not even fully understand given that we normally keep them tucked in deep into the closets of our psyches.

If you are able to Embrace this opportunity though, you could heal yourself, your relationships and do a lot of good for yourself and loved ones much quicker and easier than any other time. Mercury Retrograde is a moment when you can really put all the cards on the table for you to look at and it will be clear and easy to see what needs to be done in order to be there for yourself and for those you love.

Remember that the key is to stay open minded, not make quick judgments about anything and remain open to new and unexpected turns of events. Trust that all change is Good if you are able to see it that way and always try to make the most out of it.