Happy New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse, witchy babes!

Did you get to see it?! I personally didn’t from where I’m at, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been fully feeling the effects like whoa. It’s not your typical “whoa” though. It’s been, in a way subtle in its very palpable power. I say subtle because, I feel like there’s a hype that gets built in the spiritual & magical communities around major events like these. Sort of like what happens with Birthdays, NYE & inauguration days. Yes, the shift is palpable but the effects are only really visible with time. We become aware of the impact of events as things unfold + situations evolve. Nowadays we’re so flooded with information that is easy to build up huge expectations. Sometimes things don’t seem so radical on the surface layer of your life, but small events + exchanges are taking place & you usually won’t be able to fully grasp their significance until much later.

It’s actually very normal to feel overwhelmed & disoriented at times like this for we are charting into unfamiliar new territories. It’s a new vibe for sure & we’re just getting our toes wet right now, it’s been a rough ride for a lot of us so it’s ok if it’s taking you a little bit to gather your pieces & put yourself back together. I also feel it’s important to remind ourselves: new beginnings are always a little awkward & require an adjustment period.

Solar Eclipses are essentially super potent New Moons that generally happen every 6 months. This one brings powerful changes and new beginnings in the Leo areas of our lives. Intentions set around Leo themes will be extra powerful. If you’re a Leo or it’s anywhere in your chart you will be affected the most, especially in those areas. These changes have been building up in the past 6 weeks since the last New Moon in July  ( which was by the way, ALSO in Leo ) & will unfold during the following 4-6 month period leading up to the next Solar Eclipse. However, this upcoming month is when we will see most of the shifts taking place. And here’s the thing, whatever took place a couple weeks ago around the Full Moon in Aquarius & Lunar Eclipse will somehow have a lot to do with the direction this whole change takes in your life.

This has been a three-part Phoenix event.

That’s how I’m baptizing it. Because it’s been as much about painful endings as it is, right about now, turning into the understated rebirth/new beginning we’ve each individually been needing. It will show up in different ways for everyone but if you’ve been paying attention, there’s clearly a theme here for each of us. I always encourage y’all to write things down. Journal about your life, your state of mind, events, your spiritual practice, your hunches & premonitions etc. It truly becomes a powerful reference tool in your spiritual practice. It becomes easier to connect dots, see the patterns, the lessons & the themes when you look back on your notes, rather than just relying on memory.

Something to keep in mind during this whole process is that while Eclipses are generally times to let things go & surrender to natural law (that’s likely been a huge part of these themes we’ve been talking about, regardless of who you are) New Moons are really all about starting fresh, setting intentions & focusing on where we want to go. To minimize suffering it’s imperative we learn to let go of the past. Let your old ways die & embrace this new, yet mostly unknown but MUCH fresher vibe. Learn to go with the flow, trust & follow your emotional guidance system to get you where you need to go. Allow a new way to emerge, trust the process, take the leap.

In full-on dramatic, super emotive, passionate & expressive Leo fashion this is has been my soundtrack for this New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse, also super appropriate to the whole Phoenix vibe we’ve got going on. If you have never seen this short film, I’m telling you… right now is really a great time

So be easy on yourselves, up the self-care & pay lots of attention, witchy loves! + with all this in mind, I leave you with a list of the best witchy activities to do during the period of influence of this New Moon in Leo (tonight through the next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all ♌️