Full Moon in Capricorn Blessings, witchy babes!

This is one of the most intense Full Moons of the year. Its influence has been making itself be noticed powerfully since Friday. Capricorn brings very intense vibes to the table, as usual. But Capricorn Full Moons can be very confronting & change-instigating, setting up the scene for Eclipse Season starting August.

Capricorn is all about being practical, realistic & facing facts. It also likes to make big points & take stands when it feels in its right to. This Full Moon weekend you may have gotten a whole lot of that, whether you felt up to it, or not. As turbulent as Capricorn vibes can be, they’re also very focused on long-lasting improvements + materialization of long-term goals. As much as these vibes might feel abrasive at the time, it’s usually the kind of thing that, we later realize, was actually very much needed in order for things to keep growing in the right direction.

Full Moons are a time when things come full circle. This Full Moon in Capricorn is all about coming full circle with our personal truth. Capricorn is the kind of energy that won’t compromise its standards or goals. It’s the kind of vibe that has us pushing for more + sacrificing now so we can reap the greater results later. It’s also a sign of investments – both material &  emotional. But keep in mind Capricorn wants everything to be quantifiable, even emotional investments so this can be a big theme arising during this Full Moon in Capricorn.

There’s a no non-sense attitude that comes with the sign as well. An itch to dot those i’s & cross those t’s. If you’re sensitive you’ve probably noticed your patience growing thinner as we got towards the weekend & through out. Capricorn is not known for its patience but it will diligently put in the work, even talking really long term AS LONG AS IT KNOWS why, how & what  for & more importantly it all makes logical sense & is aligned with its values. When all those elements are in place, the great thing about Capricorn energy is it will get where it’s going. You better believe it.

And this is the filter we’ve all be perceiving from this weekend. Take a look at what has transpired for you (both internally + externally) & I’m sure a whole lot will start to make more sense.

Capricorn is a very strong-willed, dominant sign so during times like this Full Moon in Capricorn, we’re all Capricorns for a little bit! Depending on how compatible the Capricorn mentality is for you, given your own chart + personality, this might have been a more pleasant or downright tumultuous time. What it’s for certain is you won’t have missed the radical vibes happening all weekend & will notice they carry through the beginning of the week.

Another thing you might have noticed during the longer-than-usual period of influence of this Full Moon in Capricorn is that all of a sudden you or the people around you want to get down to details. Even those who aren’t usually into planning, budgeting or getting real with facts + details will all of a sudden care very much about any & all of these things. Capricorn energy is all about making educated, deliberate, calculated moves & doesn’t like just swinging things – especially when it comes to the future + big goals. If this weekend you’ve found yourself getting much more serious in your thinking or conversations this is why. A note of warning though, another thing Capricorn is infamous for is being a tad cynical, easily-jaded & gloom + doom about things so if you’ve been assessing things & getting to darker-than-your-normal conclusions maybe give yourself a few days to bounce back from this Full Moon in Capricorn trip! Trust that the exchanges, information + resolutions that were exchanged or reached during this time will be tremendously useful in pushing us forward (especially as Eclipse Season unfolds in the next few months) but maybe it’s in our best interest that we take it all in with a grain of salt for now & do like Scarlett O’hara & think about it tomorrow… after all tomorrow is another day!

In the meantime though, if you feel inspired to work some magic utilizing this super intense Full Moon in Capricorn energy here’s a list of the most favored works you can do during its period of influence, which as I mentioned earlier is longer than usual & its impact will probably be felt through the first few days of the week still. This Full Moon in Capricorn magic has the potential to be very powerful & long-lasting but even more than usual, make sure you’re in the right mental + emotional space to do it.

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌝✨🔮