Full Moon Blessings, witchy ones!

Many of us are still feeling in recovery mode from the big shift that was this Eclipse Season + Mercury Retrograde winding down. It’s now gone direct again, but we’re still in the post-shadow phase so there’s still shit getting worked out but we’re mostly out of the woods here. With this Full Moon in Pisces, it’s all coming full circle. The hard lessons we’ve been facing, the big blow-ups… it’s all coming down on us yet at the same time we’re starting to finally see the forest for the trees. And we’re starting to see how our hard work & positive contributions will be coming back to us multiplied as well… at some point.

Pisces is a sign of deep feelings + emotions & depending on your own chart you may feel very comfortable in these waters or downright overwhelmed. Either way, there’s always tons of introspective value to be gained from a Full Moon in Pisces. And this one, happening right after this last intense Eclipse Season comes with its fair share of valuable information for sure. But keep in mind that in full Pisces Fashion it’ll probably come subtly, dressed in casual clothes & not really making a big deal while in reality communicating really big deal things that will have no doubt profound effects on our psyches & especially our most important relationships. Pisces is the sign most attuned with the need/desire for a soulmate + super intimate & passionate relationships in one’s life. So during a Full Moon in Pisces often those bonds get put down to the test, broken down or conversely strengthened, explored. Either way, we gain a deeper + realer perspective on them

Some things in some relationships might be really hard to take while others in different ones might pleasantly surprise us. I recommend not getting to hanged up on any of it & take the good + the bad with a grain of salt.

Something else that tends to happen on a Full Moon in Pisces is we might find ourselves unexpectedly bearing our souls to people. Now, not just anybody. Usually whoever you find yourself baring your soul to during a Full Moon in Pisces’ period of influence are people who are deeply important to you & often have karmic connections with. These are the people you need to hold on to & grow closer to. Pisces is a sign that is open to sharing its deepest emotions, however passionate or even turbulent they might be, it’s not that it’s not afraid to go there, it’s that it’ll go for it every time without contemplation or shame. This makes Pisces a polarizing energy, not easy for everyone to handle. But the connections, when they happen, are as real as they get. Whatever comes to the surface at this time in these relationships is not something to be overlooked or underplayed. It’s important stuff.

This Full Moon in Pisces brings with it a torrential of emotions, of our deepest waters. (Think about the hurricane happening right now & come to your own conclusions…) It’s time we feel our feelings. It’s not gonna be easy for some of us, for the ones that usually hold them all down or try to put them all away in a box. Those people (often Air & Earth signs) might feel overwhelmed or even drowning in their emotions during this time. If that’s you, try to navigate this time like a mermaid in choppy sea waters. Be cautious, go with the flow, allow, don’t fight the powerful currents at play here. And whoever you are, let’s focus on the fact that these deep waters that we’re diving during this Full Moon in Pisces actually come with gifts. This is all happening for our benefit, if we are able to keep the big picture in mind that we’ve started to more clearly see since Eclipse Season, we’ll be fine.

It’s all happening for a reason. Let’s trust the process as wild as it feels sometimes & let’s not forget: this is Earth, we’re all animals. It is fucking wild!

So definitely stay aware & soak up all the insight coming through from every direction during this Full Moon in Pisces, witchy babes but also up the self-care as high as humanly possible. While Pisces Moons can often make us feel overwhelmed with the currents of life + people surrounding us & the workload coming our way from left & right they’re also a time when if we make the conscious effort to make time for ourselves & do some deep self-loving the effects are more powerful + restorative than ever.

Pisces is all about wisdom, intuition & magic so it’s also really a very auspicious time to get your witchy on in any way you feel instinctively pulled to but these are the most favored witchy works you can do during this Full Moon in Pisces’ period of influence (next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌝✨🔮♓️