The Spring Equinox is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light.

The Spring Equinox is celebrated by Wiccans as the Sabbat Ostara, and  typically it is observed as a time to mark the coming of Spring and the fertility of the land.

Corresponding with the Christian Easter (and both festivals derive their names from the Norse Fertility Goddess Eostre), Ostara is a celebration of life and fertility and it is associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love. It’s a time of rebirth and renewal, light and hope.

The September equinox, which is marks the beginning of the spring in Australia, also played a major role in oral traditions in Indigenous Australian culture.

Here you have a list of 22 Ways in which you can Celebrate the Spring Equinox:

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1. Have a Family Reunion

In Japan, Vernal Equinox Day (春分の日 Shunbun no hi) is an official national holiday, and is spent visiting family graves and holding family reunions. Getting together with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while is a great way to welcome in the Spring. Enjoy the weather and fresh energy of the season together as you catch up, play games outside and take a moment to appreciate your presence in eachother’s lives.


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2. Decorate with Fresh Fruit and Flower Arrangements

There’s no better way to bring the Spring into your home than by making a point to decorate with Beautiful Fresh Fruits and Flowers and putting them where you’ll get to see and enjoy them all the time. Making Flower and Fruit arrangements can be a great activity for the early days of Spring to spark your creativity and get your juices flowing. Embrace the bright colors of the season, grab a vase, basket or even a big glass and fill it with fruits and flowers! It can be great fun to go to a nursery or flower shop and pick all your favorite types but you can also pick the  free option and go for a long walk in nature and pick them yourself from the wild. You have all Spring long so you can probably do both 🙂



3. Go on an Adventure

Everyone loves an adventure now and then, but specially after spending months indoors and dealing with the cold & quietness of winter. If you can take a trip to a place that excites you and you’ve always been interested in all the better, but you don’t have to go far to experience the thrill of adventure. You can take a drive, catch a bus or train or even ride your bike to unexplored territory. Don’t make too many plans, leave the possibilities open. When you go to a new place and let things unfold as they may, the feeling that anything might happen is enough to bring life back to anyone and make you feel excited and alive.



4.  Set up a Bird Feeder & welcome the Birds back

Setting up a Bird Feeder outside your window is a great way to welcome back the Spring and all the birds that will be coming back with it. Most birds leave just as the cold weather starts to approach in the Fall and Winter months and hearing their chirping, watching them flutter around your window and making sure to re-fill the feeder with seeds once in a while is a great way to embrace all the life coming back around you as well entretain yourself and your household pets in the mornings.

There’s a million ways to do Bird Feeders, you can buy them, DIY them or just improvise them, check out this list of 20 Unique Bird Feeders to get you Inspired.


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5. Plant Seeds + Bulbs and get back to Gardening

Nothing says Spring like planting seeds and getting back into gardening and making your yard beautiful. Get those gloves on and decide what kinds of flowers, plants and vegetables you’ll be growing this year. The Spring Equinox is a time of renewal and fertility so it’s the perfect time to get into these garden activities. Stock up on flower pots and take a morning or two to decorate them, go shopping for seeds and bulbs and spend sunny afternoons cleaning up and making the garden beautiful.



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6. Spring Cleaning + Organizing

The Spring Equinox is really the perfect time to do a massive cleaning and reorganizing of your home and closets. It’s a time of new begginigs and rebirth and getting rid of all the old energies to make space for the new is the best thing you can do, not just practically but also spiritually. Take some time to evaluate what needs to go and what needs to be updated, not just in your home but also in your life and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty so the rest of your life doesn’t have to be.




7.  Start an Herb Garden

Herb gardens are a joy through and through. Starting them is fun, they’re pretty low maintanance, tending to them is a very zen activity and the reaps of your labor can benefit you in many ways. They can also promote your getting creative in the kitchen with new flavors and if you’re the kind that likes making home remedies and cosmetics they can be quite fun & useful! Pick up some seeds & planters and start growing a little Herb Garden of your own.




8. Get Creative with Spring Foods

Celebrate this wonderful time of the year with foods that honor the the coming of Spring — eggs have always symbolized this time of year so make sure you have fun making plenty of recipes that include them. Early spring greens, shoots and sprouts, artichokes and asparagus are also very typical of Spring.  Snap peas, radishes, rhubarb and strawberries are other yummy Spring foods that you can easily get creative with in the kitchen.

If you want some ideas check out this list of 40 Easy Spring Produce Recipes.




9. Make a Spring Wreath

If you want to honor the Spring Equinox in your home and are the crafty type a great project you’ll really enjoy is making a Spring Wreath to decorate your doorway. Just the process of collecting the materials and making it will inmediately put you in a joyful Spring mood.

In ancient Greece, the blooming of flowers and coming of Spring was celebrated by making wreaths.The bases for wreaths were made from a flexible branches and the selected flowers, fruits and plants all had their own significance and meaning. The flowers of fruit trees (orange, lemon, pomegranate) symbolized prosperity and greenery was used to symbolize fertility.



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10. Get your Bike in tip top shape

A great way to get yourself into the Spring groove is to take out your bike (or get yourself one, if you don’t have one) and spend an afternoon getting it in shape to go for bike rides through out the season.

If your bike is in good condition you might just have to oil up the chain, clean it up a bit and fill up the tires but you could also take the opportunity to give it a full makeover. Paint it, put a new basket in or decorate the old one….let yourself get creative and enjoy the process of getting it ready for the more active and warmer months.




11. Get Active while enjoying the Outdoors

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you’ll inevitably want to spend more time outdoors. Take the chance to do something a little bit outside of your spectrum and get creative. There’s so many things you can do this time of year to get your body moving while enjoying the nature coming back to life all around you. Go hiking, take your yoga mat to the park and do some outdoor yoga & meditation, go golfing or disc golfing, organize a baseball match or go horse back riding with someone you love.




12. Cast Prosperity + Fertility + Creativity Spells

The Spring Equinox is the perfect time to start casting spells to invite new and good things into your life. Cast spells to boost creativity, growth, fertility and prosperity all Spring long and you’ll find your intentions are supported by the Earth and the Universe at this time.


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13.  Enjoy Parks + Botanical Gardens

If you really want to enjoy the magnificence of nature coming back to life in Spring, go enjoy the Botanical Gardens or Parks around you. Do some research to see what your area has to offer in this department. Spending an afternoon in a gorgeous blooming park or the Botanical Gardens is a great way to really get in touch with nature, admire your local wildlife and flowers & get in the Spring Spirit.



14. Plot + Plan + Set Goals

The fresh new energy that the Spring brings makes it a great time to sit and plan for the months ahead. As the summer approaches days will get more busy and hectic so it’s good to write down goals and plot your summer before it gets here. What do you want to dedicate all the energy & good weather to? What do you want to do and get accomplished before next Fall? Give yourself an afternoon to sit with a notebook and pen, relax and turn your dreams into plans.



15. Enjoy the Earlier Dawns and Later Sunsets

The beginning of the Spring can be really exciting for both early birds and night owls because the Sunrises happen earlier and earlier and the Sunsets later and later. So whether you are a morning person or a late nighter, you will find joy in going out and enjoying these times of the day in nature. They’re both great times for meditation, reflection and casting spells.



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16. Enjoy the Rainy Days

With the Spring also come the rains and even though you might be aching to get out of the house and have some outdoor fun, rainy days can also be very enjoyable. Take a walk outside with your favorite umbrella and rain boots and enjoy the fresh smell of rain or spend the day reading and reflecting while you hang by a window. Do those things like cleaning  and planning (as suggested in #6 and #14) which are also so characteristic and important this season. It’s a time for reflecting and getting ready for all the activity and fun to come in the warmer and busier summer months.



17. Interact with animals

A wonderful way to wake up to nature after a long winter of hibernating is to go interact with some animals! There are a thousand ways you can do this, from visiting a nearby  farm with your family, picking up a loaf of bread to go feed the ducks at a local park or lake, making a day out of visiting the zoo…. Interacting with animals is a fast and sure way to ground yourself and connect you with nature and the season and the beginning of Spring is a great time to start doing more of these kinds of activities again that often get forgotten about in the winter months.



18. Start new projects

The Spring Equinox is the best time to start that new project you’ve been thinking about all winter. It’s a time of new beginnings and all growth is supported. In the Spring time most people find themselves full of built up energy from the winter months so it’s a perfect time to give your new project your all. Roll up your sleeves and make the jump, you will make quick progress and will feel uplifted just by taking action on your dreams.



19. Help Clean Up Natural Public Spaces

No matter where you live in the world, you know about road side trash, dirty beaches and littered parks. A good way to celebrate and honor the earth on an early Spring afternoon is to go clean up the road by your house or bring a bag on your walk to the park or beach and make it more beautiful by picking up litter. If you have children, bring them along and talk to them about the value of taking care of nature and keeping natural spaces clean & beautiful. It’s a small act of kindness that done this time of year helps feed the energy of a brighter, cleaner, more harmonious world. Remember that every piece of trash you remove reveals something beautiful.



20. Have a Picnic

Having a picnic in a favorite park or even in your backyard is one of the most relaxing and  enjoyable activities you can do in the Spring months. After spending months and months eating all your meals indoors it can be such a treat! Take the time to prepare for it and enjoy the process of filling up a basket with your favorite cold & easy to eat foods, like fruits, cold sandwiches and other minimally messy finger foods and remember to bring aa big nice comfy blanket. You can also bring a book, a drawing pad or a guitar and just lounge outside under a tree while you soak up on some sunshine and take in the gorgeous Spring smells.

Check out this list of 101 Picnic Food Ideas to make in 20 Minutes to get you Inspired.




21. Make New Friends

The Spring is a prime time to seek out making new friends. Everyone is feeling more social and wanting to connect after spending the last months retreating during the winter. It’s a perfect time to start a book club, join a master mind group or just go out on the town and meet new people.




22.  Go to the Farmer’s Market

In many places Farmers Markets take a break during the Fall and Winter months so it’s great to start going as soon as they start again, which is usually in Spring. Going to your local weekly Farmer’s Market is a great way to get the best produce, support the local farmers and get the most for your dollar. It’s also a great family habit to start in the Spring and carry out all the way through Summer. Grab a canvas bag, jump on your bike and go have a great morning exploring what the farmers have to offer every week and hand picking all the ingredients for all the yummy food you’ll be making through the week. It’s almost impossible to not get inspired!