Happy Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo, witchy babes!

According to NASA, we haven’t had such a Lunar combo of Events in 150 years, so we could say this one is quite a doozy.

Second Full Moon of the year & also of the month. It’s the reason it’s being dubbed a Blue Moon. Which technically, it is. According to the newer definition that is because in olden times, a Blue Moon was the 4th Full Moon in a Season, rather than the 2nd Full Moon in a month. As such, the ancient kind of Blue Moons are even more rare than the newly defined ones. We won’t be having any until 2019.

Now, according to the new definition of Blue Moons, not only are we getting one tonight in January, but we’re getting another one in March. Which incidentally means we’ll be having NO Full Moons in February. What a trip. And a half.

Either way, even though astrologically many don’t believe Blue Moons to have much of a significance, beyond the fact that they amplify the vibes of the sign it happens in – us witchy folk from different traditions around the world have found Blue Moons to be of much magical significance. Here’s a list of the Magical Effects you can expect from a Blue Moon:

Next part of this super charged Leo Moon experience we’re having? It’s what us Witches call a Blood Moon a.k.a. a total Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses are the big equalizers. They come in seasons, to readjust us back into our paths. They open up a sort of portal of opportunity for us to quantum leap in our growth, if we know how to navigate & leverage their powerful effects. When an eclipse happens in a sign relevant to your chart, you’ll feel its effects are extra charged in whatever area of your life you’ve got the sign placed.

Here’s the Magical Effects of a Blood Moon to keep in mind during this Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo:

Another significant aspect of this magical combo of Lunar Events is the fact that it’s a Supermoon. Again. This is the 4th Super Full Moon we’ve had in a row starting November. And yes, this means this is the 2nd Super Full Moon in January alone. So yes, yes… it’s all been very intense! LMAO. But that’s what you get in Supermoon season. Add to that the fact that we changed years & now we’re having all these Blue Moons happening + Eclipse Season – life as we know it is changing right in front of our eyes quicker than we can process it feels at times. But it’s important to trust that it’s all for our growth & development. If we surrender to the process, accept our limited control of circumstances + focus on what we can take away from all the situations that have arisen & continue to arise to make keep making us better, more evolved versions of ourselves then somehow it all becomes easier to bear.

Just to remind y’all, a Supermoon is any time the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit & because of its angle in relationship to the Sun, looks much bigger than normal from Earth. During Supermoons you can also expect the effects of the specific Moon to be amplified. Here’s a list of the most significant effects of a Supermoon to keep in mind:

Whether you have Leo in your chart or not, this Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo is making us all suddenly care very much about how we’re showing up in the world & how others perceive us + relate to us. We’re wanting to express ourselves, but not necessarily for others to understand us but for us to feel free & happy being ourselves. There’s been a lot of changes & choppy emotional waters to navigate but at the same time we’ve been going through a tremendously beneficial growth phase & we’re right now reaping results of our efforts + big time realizations which started last August during the New Moon in Leo, which was also an eclipse. Look back in your journals. The intentions you set back then are coming full circle right about now (at least to a degree, depends on the magnitude of your intentions in relationship to your life & stage of growth).

The combination of Lunar Events happening tonight with this Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo are calling us to fully take in our lessons & move on forward with our life. Through the past 6 months, especially if you made a big deal about your intention setting at the New Moon in Leo, there’s been a lot of rehashing of particular lessons in our lives. Some of it feels really old & tired. If this was happening for you, it’s those things that you need to fully accept + let go right now. This whole combo of Lunar Events is pushing for this to naturally happen as a way to re-calibrate our paths.

In life, we all get distracted from our soul mission. Often times it’s relationships, our jobs, family… so once in a while the Universe orchestrates a natural realignment. Some things need to be fully assimilated  to grow pass them & that’s why at the end of this cyclical process we often feel we’re going over the same lessons in our life over & over again. The only solution for this is to accept the full lesson, let go & move on.

The three day window of influence of this Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo it’s a perfect time to do a ritual or cast a spell to Accept + Assimilate Lessons & Move on in Gratitude. For this it’s important to be in a place of forgiveness towards both ourselves & others who might have hurt us in the process of learning these lessons. As hard as achieving this mental state can be, this magnificent, once in a century combo of Lunar Events is here to help us do just that. It’s time for Quantum Leaping, if you’re up for it.

Remember what you came here to do:

If you want to do something special to harness the energy of this powerful Super Blue Blood Full Moon in Leo, here’s a list of witchy activities that are favored during its 3-day period of influence:

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌝✨🔮♌️