Happy last Full Moon of the year, witchy babes!

This one is quite the powerful one but its life-changing vibe comes with an unique delayed/drawn out effect. This is because today as the Moon became Full in Gemini, Mercury went officially retrograde. So, even though this Full Moon in Gemini it’s actually also a Super Moon, which makes her usual energy multiplied in strength – it’s normal to be feeling like, while major shifts are taking place there’s still a feeling of everything being up in the air, loose ends yet to be tied etc.

Just to remind y’all, a Supermoon is any time the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit & because of its angle in relationship to the Sun, looks much bigger than normal from Earth. During Supermoons you can also expect the effects of the specific Moon to be amplified. Right now we’re in the middle of Supermoon Season. Here’s a list of the most significant effects of a Supermoon to keep in mind:

This is the second Super Full Moon of three consecutive ones we’re having until January 2018. It’s like a big wrap up to the year that got started with last month’s Super Full Moon in Taurus. And while that first part of this Supermoon Season lesson was to get clear on our life intent & our priorities in order, this second part of the lesson is more about learning to enjoy the ride, bumpy & intense as it might be at times & learn to surrender to life processes outside of our control while doing everything in our power to go in the direction of our dreams/purpose.

This Super Full Moon in Gemini is a brilliant time to improve communication in all relationships. Paired with Mercury Retrograde, is a time when tests will come up around this subject, but if you’ve been paying attention, these are all old lessons being tested once more. If you pass this round of tests, expect long-winded huge progress + quantum leaps. You might not see these changes right away but trust that if you’re passing your tests the improvements are imminent & will surpass even your current wildest dreams.

Even though Mercury Retrograde often gets a bad rep, the truth is that it can be a tremendously productive, growth oriented time. And yes, it’s always a a bit of a final exans vibe. Add to that the fact that we’re wrapping the year up  so yes, there’s definitely stress but also a drive to do one’s best despite challenges. If you are able to embrace it, Mercury Retrograde can be a time of making huge leaps in our development but you may not see any tangible evidence until it’s officially over, technically by December 23rd but more so by the end of the year if we take the shadow phase into account.

Another aspect of this Super Full Moon in Gemini not to be minimized is its inevitable truth-facing element. Gemini is a very intellectual sign, avid pursuer of truth & clarity. Full Moons are very much about bringing things to light & connecting dots. There’s a lot of potential for important personal, enlightening moments of realization during this Full Moon’s period of influence, especially in our key relationships. It’s important to not take these moments lightly & actually pay attention, the information being revealed during this Super Full Moon in Gemini will ultimately be very valuable, even if it’s not immediately obvious exactly how.

If there are things that you need to hear or even secrets that is time to shine a light on, this Super Full Moon in Gemini creates the kind of energy where you can really see/hear/tell the truth, whichever applies.

That’s one of the biggest lessons of this second Super Full Moon of the season: it’s time to face the truth, especially when it comes to communicating true motives + intentions in relationships. If people around you are shady or are holding back the truth for the wrong reasons, this Full Moon may force things to rise up to the surface. It’s important to allow the blinders to come off when it’s time & not resist the process as difficult as it may be for some.

It’s also a time when dreams can be very prophetic so it’s important to write them down as soon as we wake up, in as  much detail as possible because as I said earlier, the thing about this Super Full Moon in Gemini is that we’ll be getting lots of information that will gradually become more & more useful (even vital) as the next year unfolds.

Witchy babes this last Full Moon of the year is probably one of the most transformative, evolutionary ones we’ve had all year. We may feel at times pushed beyond our usual comfort zones or limitations but that’s how this year is ending: on a growth note. So as always I recommend embracing the process & taking great care of yourself through it all.

If you want to do something special to harness the energy of this powerful Super Full Moon in Gemini, here’s a list of witchy activities that are favored during the Full Moon 3-day window:

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌝✨🔮♊️