Hello and Happy New Moon in Libra, witchy ones!

I’ve been posting these bits of Witchy Wisdom on the Facebook profile for some time now (if you’d like to join the sisterhood, request the add here). With time the posts have become longer and more in-depth, so I figured why not post them on here!

So, witchy babes! are you doing anything to celebrate this New Moon in Libra? and/or any plans to leverage the significant potential that it brings? If you’re already doing something, I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! and if you’re not sure yet, don’t worry I have a few ideas for you that might inspire you 😉

This New Moon in Libra, happening in the midst of the Super Moon triad (last one happening right before Halloween on October 27th) brings with it a very particular, intense & yet balanced energy. We are being made to rise up to the circumstances of our lives- it’s time to step our game up, and we’re up to the challenge.

It’s a time of greater clarity,of opening our eyes to what needs to be done or the state of things and what can be done about them. This might get irritating, but if we are able to open ourselves up to the truth & the input we’re getting from the Universe, then there’s huge, and I mean HUGE potential for growth & quantum leaps here.

As it’s always the case with New Moons, all new things are favored & encouraged at this time, so if you’re able to focus on the solutions to the problems that might be jumping to your attention right now, rather than on the problems themselves; there will be momentum in these solutions and they will materialize quickly & smoothly with this New Moon in Libra influence.

The truth is we’re still coming off of the intensity that was September with the Blood Moons, the Equinox & Mercury Retrograde, so a lot of us are feeling a little run down. If you’re feeling like the Universe just keeps putting obstacles in your way, consider whether maybe it’s just trying to get you to take a break and focus on self-care for a moment. We’re all starting to feel the urgency of the year wrapping up on us so we want to get a lot of things done, after the slower paced wave we were riding this summer. But remember, you can’t go where you need to go without gas, so take time to replenish your energies. If you want to accomplish a lot of things in the next few months, the most productive thing you can do is prioritize self-care so you can do your best.

This powerful New Moon in Libra wants us to take a step back and see the bigger picture of our lives, taking all aspects of ourselves into account, before going ahead and taking action. Libra is a sign that doesn’t like to be rushed and brings an energy of evaluation. Take a look at your life & your goals and make sure that what you’ve been trying to achieve will actually fulfill you, once you’ve made it happen.

The best spells to cast during this New Moon in Libra are related to new goals, paths or ways of Beauty + Prosperity, Creativity & Justice for yourself AND others. The Libra energy is very much about our circle, as much as it is about ourselves, so the intentions we set under its influence will affect not only us, but those we are closest to as well.✌😘🌙✨💖🎃🌃