I’ve written before about Mercury Retrograde in my article Why Mercury Retrograde is Good for you & for making Magic where I went into detail explaining how this massively feared 3-week-period we go through a few times every year is in fact one of the most productive times to cast spells & make magic. Manifestations speed up, core issues rise to the surface and our emotions are super charged which means: so can be our spells & magical processes, *IF* we know how to properly direct our energy.

A planet being retrograde it’s really an astronomical illusion. The truth is that the planet is moving at such a slow rate that, to us on earth, it appears as though it’s moving backwards. When a planet goes retrograde we find that the energy and traits of those planets become internal for us. The interesting thing is that for some reason nowadays everyone knows when Mercury goes Retrograde yet most people pay little or no attention to when other planets go retrograde.

Retrogrades don’t affect everyone the same. Some of us barely notice them while others are majorly affected by them. It is said that  people who are born during a specific retrograde tend to be somewhat immune to the problems associated with that retrograde cycle.

Here’s a list of 7 ways in which you can harness the magic of Mercury Retrograde:


1. Spiritual Reflection

Retrogrades are friendly toward feeling, not thinking. Feelings, impressions and intuition are likely to be more present during a retrograde. They are also likely to be quite accurate – until you think it through. Over analyzing, and re-interpreting your initial intuitive wisdom screws with your head and the whole process of life.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, in modern society, it’s often difficult to look inside, to know ourselves, and hear our own spirit.  The outside world is constantly pulling on you, capturing your attention.  It’s not easy to free yourself of that pull and shift your focus to the more elusive inner sides of you.

When Mercury turns retrograde, the energy flow turns inward, and so our attention turns inward as well. Suddenly there is a pull from within and our attention is not so easily held captive by the outer world.

This makes it an ideal time for Meditation, Contemplation & Spiritual Reflection. Let your Inner Self take the center stage for once and pay attention to what it’s trying to bring to the surface and show you. Remember that all the answers you seek are already within yourself and it’s just a matter of tapping into those answers. Mercury Retrograde is one of the best and most productive times to do this.



2. Magical Art Journaling

As I was saying, Mercury Retrograde is a time when things that aren’t normally available to us about ourselves suddenly come to the surface. This includes: emotions, opinions, insights, realizations, perspectives… and the list goes on and on.

One of the best ways to harness the power of this side effect of Mercury Retrograde is to dedicate a significant amount of time to Magical Art Journaling.

What is Magical Art Journaling? you ask. Well, if you’ve ever heard of a Book of Shadows, it’s a similar concept. You basically get a notebook or book that appeals to you and you journal about your Witchy Life & Experiences. Only you do it in an Artsy & Expressive way.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it. This Magical Art Journal is a sort of scrapbook where you go deep into your thoughts, re-visit and revaluate your experiences as a witch, express your inner-most feelings & record magickal occurences in your life.


3. Scrying

All divination practices are both easier, and more difficult during Mercury Retrograde, but that is because our thinking & analyzing minds tend to not accept the clear messages we receive through intuition & our gifts.

As mentioned earlier regarding Spiritual Reflection, if you’re able to shut off your mind and its often pointless analytic chatter, scrying during Mercury Retrograde can be more accurate than ever since so many deep-buried themes & aspects of our lives come to the surface during this time.

If you’re a beginner in the art of Scrying, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to pick up a special crystal ball, obsidian mirror or  even a beautiful bowl to fill with water and start practicing.



4. Rest + Relaxation + Replenishment

Mercury Retrograde is a time when there’s a lot happening under the surface, behind the scenes. Each Mercury Retrograde we tend to go through an internal mini-renovation or upgrade. The unique energy of this astrological event forces us to do a lot of work in our relationships with ourselves and others every time it comes around. This leaves us feeling drained and exhausted a lot of the time during Mercury Retrograde season. And even though we usually don’t notice the effects of our hard emotional and spiritual work until about a month after Mercury Retrograde has come and gone, we do notice how tired & drained we are every day at the end of the day while we are going through it. So give yourself an extra dose of TLC during Mercury Retrograde. Take every opportunity to pamper and take care of yourself or even just take it easier when you can. Be easy on yourself, give yourself a break. Mercury Retrograde can often feel like a handful and the best way to stay balanced during its duration is to make Self-Care a Big Priority.


5. Reunite with old Friends & Rekindle Relationships

During Mercury Retrograde is natural and almost inevitable to start thinking about people from your past. Whether it’s an old lover, a friend you had a falling out with years ago or a family member you barely talk to anymore, beware of who comes to mind during this time. Often times, during Mercury Retrograde, the same people you’re suddenly thinking about again will reach out to you, seemingly out of nowhere.  This can be either a good or bad thing, depending on the person and the relationship that you have/had with them. So be careful with who you allow yourself to focus on for extended periods of time during this time. If it’s someone you had a falling out with, Mercury Retrograde might not be the best time to try to smooth things over, so if you can’t get them out of your mind, maybe wait until it’s over to actually meet up or call. But if it’s a good old friend or that cousin you grew up with that moved away years ago, Mercury Retrograde is a  magical time to go down memory lane with a loved one.


6. Reversal Spells

Mercury Retrograde is usually regarded as a tricky time for spell casting and most witches will advise against it, as spells are known to backfire. But there’s a special kind of spell & ritual that is perfect for Mercury Retrograde: Reversal Spells.

When you need to turn a situation around (like your luck!) or you want to “take back” something you already have set into motion, casting the right spell on Mercury Retrograde could be your saving grace. But beware, spells cast on Mercury Retrograde are notorious for being powerful and super fast working, so you always want to make sure that you know what you’re doing. If in doubt, my advice is: PASS!

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced witch, feel sure of yourself and find yourself in need of such a spell, Mercury Retrograde is by far the most effective time to cast.




If you’re one of those people that are particularly sensitive to Mercury Retrograde and often feel negatively affected by it, then I recommend you make either one or both of these helpful tools to deal with it. They can be your secret weapons to deal with Mercury Retrograde. Wearing the Mercury Talisman and using the Mercury Oil you will draw, balance and improve Mercurial energy in your life.


On a small octagonal piece of paper with one point up, draw the symbol of Mercury in orange ink and decorate the border with orange ink. (The number of Mercury is eight, the color is orange.) Light a stick of lavender or white sandalwood incense and smudge the talisman prior to wearing it/ carrying it with you.


You can use this Mercury Oil to anoint charm bags, candles (blue & orange are Mercury’s colors) or yourself. As well as any object special to you, to energetically charge it, like a crystal or pendant. You can also use it: in an oil diffuser/burner, add it to sea salt to make bath salts, wear it on your skin like perfume or any other way that you can think of.

Mix the following oils during Mercury Retrograde, at night time:

4 drops Lavender
2 drops Eucalyptus
1 drop Peppermint