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Happy New Moon in Leo, witchy babes!

This is a very interesting vibe we’ve got here, as it is setting things up for the upcoming Eclipse season that will take place throughout August. So, keep in mind that whatever has started to emerge during this New Moon in Leo is probably only the first part of a three-part-story. Your next installments? they’ll reveal themselves as we hit the first eclipse on August 7th’s Full Moon Eclipse & then we can expect a bit of a grand finale on the New Moon Eclipse on August 21st… but really, it will be the kind of ending you get with the first part of what you know to be a series. In other words, it will feel more like a beginning than an ending & will leave you eager for more!

I ain’t kidding, these are *very* interesting times, my witches.

Y’all already know that each New Moon brings with it a new wave of energy that plays out over the following six months- until the next Full Moon in that sign. Six months from now we’ll be right in the beginning of 2018, so if you’re sensitive & pay attention to the themes arising during this New Moon in Leo, you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of vibe is going to be unfolding in your life between now & next January. It’s a powerful time to set intentions, especially relating to your outward persona, love matters & career – if your work requires you to keep up an image, especially.

Conversely, as an exercise in self-awareness, I suggest you take a moment to think back to where you were at in your life six months ago, during the Full Moon in Leo at the beginning of last February. Whatever you were setting your sights on, especially in terms of emotions, relationships & personal image has probably come full circle in some way in the last couple of weeks. If you can even go back & read on your journals or notes from back then you will be able to start seeing patterns + connect important dots.

Like Clara, the main character of one of my favorite books/movies The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende says… it’s important to write things down as memory is fragile & looking back it’s hard to see the relationship between events. (paraphrasing here).

This is the reason Witches keep a Book of Shadows & why Journaling can be so powerful. If you aren’t in the habit of doing it already, I highly recommend it.

The important thing to keep in mind right now, though: the real push for new beginnings + opportunities within the areas of influence of the sign the New Moon is occurring in, happens during the 14 days leading up to the next Full Moon. So this is when you want to put your effort in solidifying whatever it is you want to build on through out the next six months.

Given that the Moon is in Leo the vibes are very outward oriented. Leo is a sign that thinks & cares very much about others. Often times Leo people will be the Sun of their social circle or family, everyone gravitating around their beaming personalities + nurturing energy. During this New Moon in Leo our attention will then naturally gravitate towards those who make us feel that way in our lives & will also bring out that side of ourselves. Even if it’s not an usual thing for you, under a Leo Moon you’ll probably find yourself being more open-hearted & social. As always, my advice is to go with it! Ride these very promising Leo waves wherever they may take you. It’s important to go with the flow to make the most of life & resisting only leads to delays, glitches + problems.

It’s a time to stay curious, rather than immediately pass judgement on whatever is unfolding now for important new paths, connections & projects could come out of what’s starting now, even if it’s hard to see from where you are standing right now. So during the period of influence of this New Moon in Leo, you want to keep an open mind & let loose should the occasion arise. Stay aware of the fact that, as I was explaining in the beginning of this post, whatever is happening now is just the beginning/tip of a bigger thing coming to the surface & whatever it is, it is going to greatly influence the direction your life takes through out the next six months.

The fact of the matter is, things are right now very much in flux. For what it’s worth, there’s definitely something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly yet clear 😉

So stay open & pay lots of attention, witchy loves! & with all this in mind, I leave you with a list of the best witchy activities to do during the period of influence of this New Moon in Leo (tonight through the next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌑🔮♌️