Happy New Moon in Libra, witchy babes!

This one feels like it’s coming extra focused on New Beginnings. Arguably all New Moons are about New Beginnings, so what’s the big deal? Libra brings an aspect of re-calibration to the process. Rights being wronged. Balance restored. Focus on truth + setting healthy boundaries. This New Moon in Libra will have you communicating with everyone important in your life, especially you. This New Moon wants us to get real with both the state of things & where we really want to take them next.

Libra likes to evaluate, re-evaluate & then evaluate some more again. It’s hard for Libra to make up it’s mind but once it comes to a conclusion, since it’s usually so thoroughly & completely thought through it’s hard to change its mind. This New Moon in Libra has us naturally looking towards future, upgraded versions of ourselves & our lives. So whatever you’re focusing on, keep in mind that the kind of energy we’re working with right now is the type that once it seriously settles on a pursuit, it will be carried to fruition. Libra energy doesn’t give up easily & is actually very resolute once it manages to make up its mind.

Being ruled by Venus it also very much cares about everything both looking & feeling beautiful. Libra is a sign that is always striving for more, in its shadow aspect this can develop into a crippling perfectionism. You could feel this energy during this New Moon. Remember that if you’re always chasing a perfect ideal that doesn’t really exist you will never be happy or at peace. On the other hand this New Moon in Libra is genius to up-level us on all Venusian aspects of life especially anything relating to being our best or to important relationships, whether personal or professional.

All visualizing, planning, spells + rituals for major, big picture & especially lifestyle upgrades are favored during this New Moon in Libra’s window of influence, it’s definitely something to leverage as we approach the end of the year & start planning for 2018.

Another aspect of this New Moon in Libra vibe is its emphasis on relationships, balance, fairness & truth. Whatever was being swept under the rug will be brought to the surface & we’ll be forced to yes, again: re-evaluate. It’s very much the theme of this New Moon in Libra but especially on the area of relationships we’ll be forced to open our eyes & see what needs to go, what needs to be worked on, what’s worth it & what isn’t. It can be a time of enlightening realizations & new approaches. Communication will be favored. The truth surfacing has the potential to bust through some blockages but it can also be painful to face certain truths we might have been avoiding looking at. This New Moon in Libra wants us to detach from emotion & deal with the truth. Only from this vantage point will we be able to really move forward which is precisely what this New Moon in Libra is fixing up to help us accomplish, if only we’ll go with the current energies at play instead of fighting them, that is. Of course that will be easier said than done or come completely natural depending on your own chart & how compatible it is with this New Beginnings + Upgrades New Moon in Libra energy. One things for certain, it’s time to be bold, witchy babes!

& with all this in mind, I leave you with a list of the best witchy activities to do during the period of influence of this New Moon in Libra (tonight through the next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌑🔮♎️