Happy New Moon in Scorpio, witchy babes!

It’s all about deep, personal transformation & stepping up to our own truths with this one. You can’t really avoid it so I recommend not even trying, will be more painful. New Moons are all about beginnings + planning for the future. You can go with the flow of things or you can have a rough time dealing with all that will be inevitably changing pronto. We want to take stock & end things during the Dark Moon leading up to the New Moon & then our forces are best supported when we focus them on formulating action steps towards an upgraded future. And as it’s usually the case with Scorpio New Moons, partly because of the time of the year in which they happen, they are the culmination of what feels like a long, emotional journey by the time we get to this point. It’s normal to feel emotionally exhausted. The beauty of the Scorpio energy, if we’re comfortable in it, is that it has the potential to make sense of even the most mysterious + evasive of situations to help us move forward. Especially the sort that seem to have been dragging on forever. Scorpio likes things in order & will most surely tackle all long-overdue personal matters at once. Under the influence of this most emotionally evolutionary New Moon in Scorpio, we’re ready to face facts & get on with self-actualizing.

One big theme during the period of influence of this New Moon in Scorpio will be the juxtaposition of how we handle our relationship with ourselves vs the way we handle  our interpersonal connections. Do we treat others as well as we treat ourselves? Do we prioritize our happiness as much as we prioritize others? Any imbalances will tend naturally/inevitably level out. This New Moon is bringing to our awareness, through the experience of intense contrasts, where we want to go with both types of relationships. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of it will feel like a culmination of many weeks, months or even years of experiences. One thing is for sure: whatever conclusions we arrive to, we’re all pretty much ready to move on to the next phase of our development/life/ambitions. It’s the beginning of a significant phoenix phase for most, where we have the opportunity to not so much leave old destructive patterns behind but actually transcend them. Which is actually much better. When you transcend there’s no risk of old ghosts coming back to haunt you later.

If you’ve been doing the personal inner-work this whole last year has been asking of you, this New Moon in Scorpio will probably feel really refreshing & rejuvenating for you. A mix of relief + excitement. It’s also perfectly normal to feel a healthy amount of fear – which is to be expected any time we make any sort of big, life-shaping moves or realizations which is what this New Moon in Scorpio is all about instigating. But if you’ve been pushing important personal matters aside for a long time, especially relating to your relationships this New Moon in Scorpio might bring out a whole different level of anxiety or more accurately a weird kind of stage fright, a kind of performance anxiety about the next phase in your life. It’s a classic Scorpio dilemma between embracing healthy fears as protection & being fearless enough to actually enjoy life + live it to the fullest.

The fact of the matter is this New Moon in Scorpio wants us to step up to our truth, move forward, self-actualize. It wants us to face facts, dark as they might be & focus our sights on to a brighter future – even if it won’t be looking exactly how we’d ever anticipated. If we’re able to take a step backwards & look at the bigger picture (a much favored approach under a Scorpio Moon) we’ll be able to see this new plan actually makes complete sense. A lot more sense than past fantasies that were most likely, less-grounded in real feelings than what emerges under this New Moon in Scorpio.

It’s time to own who you are & get ready for the glow up of a lifetime.

This New Moon in Scorpio is a most auspicious time to gaze into our futures & visualize our best evolution in the span of the next six months + then map out our way there. Make sure to write down your goals & plans so you can check back on the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 30th 2018 + start seeing for yourself how things unfold & come full circle in your life through the seasons.

Another thing to keep in mind about this New Moon in Scorpio is that it’s a New Moon of intuition so it’s especially important to let our most deep, inner-nudges guide us to where our hearts & souls want to go, even if it makes no logical sense to our intellect, it’s a time to trust our higher selves to make some important moves in our lives.

& with all this in mind, I leave you with a list of the best witchy activities to do during the period of influence of this New Moon in Scorpio (tonight through the next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all ✌ ♏️