Happy New Moon in Virgo, witchy babes!

There’s a sense of urgency in the air. The New Moon is in Virgo & it wants us (needs us?) to make plans. To get crystal clear on what we want out of the next six months & lay down the plan to methodically make it happen. Virgo wants the structure of the plan first but then it demands details.

This New Moon in Virgo has no chill, so expect the pressure to get real. But as usual with Virgo energy, the pressure will be coming mostly from within.

There’s also the fact that in a couple days we’re changing seasons, which this year coincides with Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, which started today. So yes, we get the message loud + clear: change is imminent, get organized & ready.

Virgo is an energy that is ultra-productive, excels at de-cluttering both life + mind & it always brings a super dose of motivation wherever it goes. If you pair it with a New Moon, Virgo wants to  make things happen! But first: create the perfect plan.

We’re talking Virgo New Moon here on the verge of an Equinox on Jewish New Year, so you better believe there’s a divine sort of method to follow here.

Under this New Moon in Virgo energy you won’t want divinations or predictions, you’ll want educated, detailed projections. The challenge under this influence is to stay cool & realistic about our expectations. Resist the Virgo urge to get all high strong + micromanage-y about things (read: controlling) especially when it comes to relationships & people in your life.

Remember: you gotta leave Life room to do its thing. You can’t force everything to go exactly your way just because you think you have a better plan than even God itself.

Virgo needs to feel in control of its course & will diligently apply itself to achieve this feeling of control over quite frankly, uncontrollable factors of life (also read: most things & certainly people). This can lead to bitter realizations & self-sabotage scenarios for Virgos in general but for everyone under this heavy New Moon in Virgo energy, especially if you’ve got Virgo in your chart. So stay aware & if you see yourself over-investing in an plan that requires people, society, the world at large or even the weather (believe it or not Virgo will make such demands) to perfectly co-operate, check yourself before you wreck yourself & come up with a chiller, less demanding-of-perfect-conditions-to-actually-work-out, plan.

The thing is, no matter how much this New Moon in Virgo got you tripping thinking you know *the way*, you set *the rules* & everything *will have to* go according to your plan…. GET REAL, you know life doesn’t work that way & being hard-headed or inflexible in your thinking at this planning stage will only have you feeling lost, disappointed & defeated once life starts throwing unexpected curve balls at your plans, as it tends to do.

The best thing you can do with this New Moon in Virgo is take this hyper-analytical, high-achieving naturally occurring drives & make the most of them by getting all your most hardcore approaches out in the table. Plan, plot, scheme…. but remember, this is the first draft. Resist getting too detailed (expect having an urge to, though) Your highest, most general ambitions is what you want to map out here. Then spend the next two weeks, sorting out the details & commit to continue the process as life + your plan unfolds. Set your eyes on the target but stay open about how you’ll get there. This New Moon in Virgo is perfect for laying out that trajectory & deciding on your milestones + building blocks but stay awake & realize: life is uncharted territory for us all as it is an ever evolving, changing experience so no matter how fucking perfect your plan is, you’re working with the Universe & the wills of others here, so no matter what Virgo got us feeling… we will all have to adapt & continue to adapt. As a matter of fact, as Charles Darwin pointed out after profound, life-long observation… our survival is dependent on our very ability to adapt which will be tested every step of the evolutionary way. My advice is to not fool yourself into expecting any different.

For me personally, the most beautiful /enjoyable aspect of this New Moon in Virgo vibe is the clarity. Yes, I love planning & new goals always get me fired up & Oh My Stars! is there loads of that going on with this New Moon in Virgo BUT it’s the soothing sense of clarity that comes with clear foresight that I appreciate the most.

Because for us seers, it’s very true that like in the movie, on a Clear Day you Can See Forever (which if you haven’t seen, I think you should… super witchy Barbra Streisand in all her 60s glory) and when that happens, especially so after times of confusion + seeming chaos, it really is a wonderful feeling.

& with all this in mind, I leave you with a list of the best witchy activities to do during the period of influence of this New Moon in Virgo (tonight through the next 24-48 hours):

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌑🔮♍️