Happy Super Full Moon in Taurus, witchy babes!

This one is a strong one so if you’re sensitive and/or have Taurus in your chart you’ve probably been feeling the influence of this Super Full Moon in Taurus for days already.

It’s an intense, no-nonsense, in your face kind of energy, as Taurus is. But there’s also the very grounding, nurturing + productive element to it that comes with Taurean Full Moons. Even more so if, like in this case, it also happens to be a Supermoon.

A Supermoon is any time the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit & because of its angle in relationship to the Sun, looks much bigger than normal from Earth. During Supermoons you can also expect the effects of the specific Moon to be amplified.

This is the first Super Full Moon of three consecutive ones we’re gonna have between now & January 2018. It’s like a big wrap up to the year & everything that has transpired, giving us an extra boost to both fuel us forward & help us let go of what’s now time to move on from. 2017 was a year of beginnings, a lot of growth has taken place & it hasn’t been easy. It’s a freshman vibe & now to keep on growing we have to move on from that last phase, for good. We have to focus on being our best selves so we can manifest our best future. This is the first part of this Supermoon Season lesson, this Super Full Moon in Taurus is helping us see things clearer, get our priorities in order. If it’s the kind of thing that meshes well with your personality, it really has been a very grounding experience.

This Super Full Moon in Taurus will also have you caring more about your own holistic well being. You need to be well on all fronts to do your best in life & no one is going to be able to make sure you’re good as much as you. Self-care is always a major theme of Taurus Moons so give in to your urges to pamper yourself, take some time off by yourself or even gift yourself a little something that nurtures your spirit + supports you being your best on all fronts.

The vibe that this Super Full Moon in Taurus brings will also have a lot of us either nesting, investing in or going back home or just really into our living spaces. Taurus is a very domestic sign that thrives on nurturing environments & healthy routines. So under the influence of this Full Moon we are all being called, regardless of our chart, to be at home a little more & tend to ourselves + most important intimate relationships.

That’s another big aspect of this Super Full Moon in Taurus: intimate relationships. What matters most to us in terms of our every day interactions with our lovers & partners becomes both very clear & very important under a Taurus Moon. Again, the fact that it’s a Supermoon will magnify these feelings. Allow yourself to embrace your standards, even if they seem too high for others, you have a right to the highest vision of your life you can imagine, very much including all your relationships. It’s up to you whether you will settle for less.

This video describes the VERY IMPORTANT message that comes with this Super Full Moon in Taurus: Do not accept the pickle juice or you’ll continue to get pickle juice.

So, as always, witchy babes I encourage you to trust your vibes (rely on them!) ride the waves & work with this energy best you can. But above all, keep it real with yourself, work hard, give your all & don’t accept less than what you deserve for all that you do. If you feel you don’t deserve something, then work to be the kind of person you feel would deserve that. That is the kind of growth this Super Full Moon in Taurus is supporting + encouraging so embrace it. It’s time to step by step create a new comfort zone outside of our old one, expect it to be a process & not always easy but it’s the only way to up-level.

As they say: your new life is gonna cost you your old one.

If you want to do something special to harness the energy of this powerful Super Full Moon in Taurus, here’s a list of witchy activities that are favored during the Full Moon 3-day window:

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌝✨🔮♉️