If you’ve ever been a Traveling Witch, you know that maintaining your Spiritual Practice alive while on the go can be a challenge. I’ve been traveling for close to two months and at this point I’m feeling like an expert. Here’s a list of my best Traveling Witch Tips, for any of my witchy babes planning a trip, vacation or extended traveling who are looking for ways to bring their Spiritual Practice along for the ride:

  1. Tiny everything

    These days if you’re traveling by plane you can’t really bring that much luggage with you, so it’s always good to put together a little kit of magical supplies – in tiny form, just like toiletries. So, the same as you bring along the tiny mouth wash bottle, tiny toothpaste & samples of your usual skincare products, put together a Magical Tiny Altar or Witchy Pouch with things like a tiny sage bundle, tea candles, a few tiny crystals, a pentacle or maybe even a tiny little figurine of your favorite goddess.

    That incense holder and moon plate tho:

  2. Ambiance

    When traveling, one usually sleeps in unfamiliar spaces so for the Traveling Witch it’s important to bring along a few things to create the right ambiance, a little sanctuary for yourself. Simple touches like a few flowy scarves to put over lamp shades, a couple amazing smelling candles, special tokens, incense or aromatherapy sprays & your own favorite pillow or pillowcase can go a long way in creating the kind of space you need to ground + recharge yourself at the end of the day or when you get a little break from all the activity.

  3. Utilize Bedtime + Bathroom time

    When traveling it’s easy to end up feeling a bit overstimulated at the end of the day, which is fun & good, but you might crave some grounding after a few days (or weeks!) of this intensity. To keep yourself balanced & in touch with your inner-self it’s important to create spiritual little daily routines. Utilize bedtime for meditation, a little journaling & a simple ritual and you will feel a huge difference with your energy levels through out the day. It’s also very helpful to do a little grounding ritual every time you go to the bathroom. A simple process like stretching, shaking energy off, doing your business & then washing your hands + spraying yourself with one of your favorite essential oil blends can make a huge difference in your emotional state & ability to enjoy yourself, maintain your energy levels balanced & enjoy the moment.

  4. Do it on the go

    When you’re on a trip, you’re usually on the go most of the time. Doing this, going there, meeting so and so. If you’re going to actually keep up with you Spiritual Practice, get comfortable with doing it a little bit here & there, any place, any time. No matter how meticulously you plan your vacations there’s going to be unexpected stuff going on, especially if you’re going with friends or family. Your alone moments are mostly going to be spontaneous & unexpected so bring your little magical kit with you in your purse & be ready to do a little bit of meditation, grounding or spell work on the go, whenever the opportunity arises.

  5. Work with what you’ve got

    If you’re in the middle of traveling many times it’s hard to track down what you need for a certain spell, ritual or maybe even a simple cleansing. It’s hard sometimes to predict from  the comfort of our homes what kinds of ingredients + supplies we’ll feel the need for when we’re on our trip or vacation. So try to work with what you’ve got. It will probably require a little creativity but if you go with it & try not to fuss, you’ll find you always end up coming across either exactly what you need or a good (while unexpected) substitute. Also, get in the habit of gathering things you might need when you have the chance, like: salt, sugar & pepper packages at restaurants or sticks, stones, herbs or flowers you may find walking around.

  6. Go with the flow

    When on a trip, you can’t always control the circumstances. Unexpected things happen and things rarely go exactly as planned but that’s half the fun of traveling! Learn to just go with the flow & enjoy the surprises the Universe throws your way. Trust + follow synchronicities, take those hunches seriously & let the path unfold as you go, and you will experience magical moments everywhere you go. And if you learn to harness the energy of those moments as they come, you will find your Spiritual Practice being enriched by travel, instead of hindered by it or unintentionally set aside.

  7. Mix it up

    One of the best things about traveling is how we’re forced to mix up our usual routines and we get the chance on to try doing things a different way. The very nature of a trip will switch up our schedules so I say make the most of the opportunity & try doing things differently, even in your Spiritual Practice. Say you always use sage to cleanse your space before prayer, but you’re on vacation somewhere in South America and you keep seeing Palo Santo in every little magical store you walk in… take the chance & try something new, you might stumble into a new favorite!

Hope you found this list helpful witchy ones, if you’ve got any additional Traveling Witch Tips please do share them with us in the comments!

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all ✨⛵️