Sometimes we go through a difficult patch or episode and even after it’s passed we feel we can’t fully move on. It often feels as if the energy of what happened is still dragging us down, no matter what we do to get over it.

Places & things store energy and once something negative, sad, destructive or downright traumatic has happened in our personal space sometimes the energy clings to the space and brings us back to the terrible feelings every time we’re there.

Good times to do a House Energy Clearing:

When you move into a new home.

When negative energy has invaded a space.

When there’s been a fight, argument or unpleasant interaction.

You feel you’ve been experiencing Bad Luck.

You’ve been sensing an unwelcome energy or being.

You get Bad Vibes.

You or other people who live in the space feel stuck in a Bad Mood.

 Any time the energy feels heavy, dark, lethargic, or crabby.

When you notice any of these things happening, it is time for an Energy Clearing ritual.

You don’t need skills, experience and just a few supplies to do this Energy Clearing, but this ritual will almost instantly shift the energy in any space and get things flowing again.

Even though the title of this post is “How to remove Negative Energy from your Home with an Energy Clearing”, the truth is that when you do an Energy Clearing Ritual you’re not removing anything perse. See darkness is not so much the presence of a negative, evil substance but more so the absence of positivity & Light. There’s no switch to turn on the dark, there’s only Light and the absence of it.  So with this ritual what you’re actually doing is  turning Negative Energy into Positive Energy.


 Smudging Sage Stick

 Salt – 1 cup for each room, half if it’s a small room like a bathroom or closet.

 Rosemary – If dried 3 tablespoons for each cup of salt, if fresh a small hand bunch for each cup.

Lemon Peel – small teaspoon per cup of salt.

 Bowl – ceramic, glass or wooden.

Black Candles – as many as rooms there are in the space (smaller candles are fine & these can be reused for similar spells and rituals).

 Black Tourmaline 





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1. Clean yourself up & get centered. Make sure to be in comfortable clothes. Get Focused, you want to be in a concentrated semi-meditational state through out this whole process. If you’ve only got one piece of Black Tourmaline, wear it on yourself or carry it in your pocket, through out the whole ritual.

For these sort of things it’s great to have Black Tourmaline jewelry like the above necklace by EllaDolce and rings by JewelersParadise, both on Etsy.



20131120_ss_grapefruit_09 rosemary-lemon-sea-salt

2. In your ceramic, glass or wooden bowl mix the salt with the rosemary and the dried lemon peel throughly with your own hands.



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3. Now light your Sage Stick with the matches and start smudging the whole house throughly. Start from the point of entry to the space or home and make your way to the opposite side going through every corner & room.

In certain spaces you won’t be able to burn anything… like hospitals, for instance.  And sometimes you might just not want to smudge. In those cases, it’s worth making a batch of Sage Non-Smudge Spray to use instead. (Tutorial coming soon!)



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4. Once the space is throughly Saged, grab the Black Candles and place & light one in each room, preferably in a high point (on top of a table, shelf…) or on a window sill. Be responsible and make sure it is safe to leave the candle temporarily unattended. Don’t leave it sit by curtains, lampshades or any other flamable dangly things. If you’ve got small children or pets around it might be best to keep them in one room during this process and then do the Energy Clearing in that room at the end of the process.



Rosemary_Sea_Salt  F0049354-Close_up_of_woman_sprinkling_salt-SPL

5. Now grab your bowl of Salt, Rosemary & Lemon Peel and starting from the entry way to the house or space, usually the front door, begin to sprinkle the mixture generously through the floors as you make your way to the other side of the place, best if is a back door or balcony to outside.




6. Have your Broom waiting for you on the other side of your home or room and once you’re done sprinkling the Salt, Rosemary & Lemon Peel mixture, step outside if you can. Take a few deep breaths. Shake your hands and legs a bit and let go of the energy you’ve been just facing as you were Saging, lighting Candles & Sprinking the place. Take a minute to center yourself again.



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7. Once you’re feeling centered and ready to go again, grab your Broom and energetically sweep your way out of the house. Go room throughout the space sweeping everything your sprinkled (and whatever was there too) out of each room and corner into a big pile that you will finally, once you get to the other side, energetically sweep out of your house through the main door. You can either make it go far into the street, way out of your house. Or if you live in a room or apartment, you can sweep it out the house, put it in a dusting pan and then throw it out in the trash outside of the building.


You can do this Energy Clearing by yourself or you can do it as a group activity with others. If you do it in a group setting, make sure that every participant is “on board” and doesn’t hold any weird energy about the concept of the Energy Clearing.