If you’ve been around longer than a decade & you’ve been paying attention, it’s probably already become obvious to you that everything is always in a natural state of changing, evolving & becoming something else.

This is how nature works, in cycles, phases & quantum leaps. Change is the one constant in life you can always absolutely rely on. In this reality we inhabit currently, all changes appear to happen gradually & then suddenly. This is something we can work with & should count on. Not just in our spiritual work, but in every aspect of our lives.

Look at nature, study history, think about your past & how life has unfolded for you, those around you & the world + society at large and you will see this is true.

Since we know Change is a constant, as a deliberate manifestor of your reality it is imperative you learn the most you can about change. This way you can work with it, instead of attempting the impossible: to stop it. You can learn to see it coming, gague its magnitude & predict its direction. With all this information you can learn to leverage change as it unfolds in every area of your life, rather than resist it, which only causes suffering & unhappiness.

When we resist change, we’re only hurting ourselves. It’s kind of like trying to swim againt the waves of the ocean, not a good idea. You will end up exhausted, beaten up, you will not have fun & you might even get seriously hurt.

Some people are afraid of change, the very thought makes them uncomfortable, queasy even. For this kind of folk, it doesn’t usually even matter whether their current realities leave a lot to be desired, they’re still terrified of anything changing. It’s a deep fear of the unknown & of things taking a turn for the worse. This sort of people have a tendency to hold on tight to how things were at one point in the past (even if things weren’t so great then) & do everything in their power to maintain the illusion of sameness. This is, for one: an exercise in futility but more importantly: a sure recipe to not ever reach your potential in life.

The wisest approach to change is to accept it, learn it & embrace it.



There’s a gradual build up, in the beginning quite subtle, that gains momentum as it develops (sometimes under the surface) and eventually it hits a turning point, the scales sort of tip & the change becomes “suddenly” apparent in the physical for all to see.

Whenever someone says they didn’t see a big change in their lives coming it’s either a sign that they had not been paying attention for a long time or that they are lying either to themselves, others or both.

In the words of Terence McKenna: “Nothing comes unannounced, but many can miss the announcement. So it’s very important to actually listen to your own intuition rather than driving through it”

The best example of the process in which things change is the seasons. We are all very familiar with the changing of the seasons, how little by little we start seeing all the signs. They start subtly, it’s like you can smell it in the air & feel it in your bones. These feelings + signs then keep growing in both intensity & frequencdy gradually; then one day, seemingly all of a sudden: it’s no longer spring, it’s summer!


There’s a rhythm to life, the earth & its changes. Change is bigger than us, that’s why it qualifies as a Natural Law. It’s part of the reality we inhabit. On this plane, change is a constant. Nothing ever disappears, yet everything is always changing. As human beings, we have limited to no control when it comes to Natural Laws but our greatest power lies in learning to work with the them & leverage them to our benefit. When you learn to see change coming, to understand how it unfolds & why, then you can make the most of it, you can sometimes even direct the way in which manifests.

The one way to control change is to instigate it yourself. When you start smelling it in the air: get ready. When you start to see where it’s going, then you can decide to take the wheel & instigate it in the direction you’d prefer. As with everything, there are benefits & disadvantages to this approach. When you instigate change, you better be crystal clear on what you’re doing, why & what you’re trying to get out of it. If you get impatient or hasty, if you try to rush the natural process, you might end up messing things up for yourself. You will probably end up where you were meant to be going either way, but there might be a lot more turmoil & suffering involved than was necessary.


In my opinion, based on my own personal experiences with this Natural Law of Change here are the 7 keys to the best approach to change that ensures you always benefit from it:


Having said all that, let’s remember to stay kind & understanding with ourselves. We’re all doing the best we can & change isn’t always easy. Paying attention to the sings, and most importantly discerning + trusting our intuition is not always easy. So if you find yourself struggling with changes going on in your life: Forgive yourself, stay positive & choose to start looking at things differently. Funny enough, changing your mind about a change is the easiest way to transmute it from a difficult one into a life-enhancing one. Cherish every moment, witchy babes because everything passes in this life & at the end of the day, all we’ll have to take with us are memories. And as 2Pac said: that’s just the way it is. 😘✌️📆 🌙🌟✨🙏💖

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all!

Blue Full Moon