Believing is a Natural Power all human beings are capable of and it’s probably the most important aspect of Manifesting. Believing is something we can all learn how to do, and it comes natural to our souls.

But for many of us, believing is not something we were taught how to do. We want to believe, we simply don’t know how. And if you can’t believe, you can’t make any dreams come true, you can’t transform your life, you can’t make Real Magic.

Learning how to Believe, is almost like remembering something that we always knew how to do and we’ve just forgotten how from lack of practice. 

I’ve struggled with this myself a lot over the years. I grew up as an atheist and not only was I not taught how to believe, I was sent the message that “having faith” or “believing” was simply “wishful thinking” and foolish.

I don’t know why though, maybe it was all the Disney I watched, maybe it was all the magical books I read growing up, I always knew I had to Believe or at least, always keep trying. It was an Instinctual Knowing.

As I grew older, life presented me with opportunities: I could Believe and strive for my dreams, for what seemed like the Impossible. Or I could just settle for the boring and uninspiring “realities” I was offered as alternatives. Every single time I chose to Believe.

When I met my now husband, when I was 14, I immediately knew he was my soul mate. I knew we were meant to be together. As a matter of fact, the first time I hugged him, seconds after first meeting him in person, the exact phrase that went through my mind was: “this is the guy I’m going to marry”. I don’t know how I knew that, but I just did. And for the next 4 years, that feeling was what kept me believing in this crazy, long distance relationship.

See, I am from Spain and was in Wisconsin for the summer in an Exchange Student program, living with a family from Wisconsin. I remember when I first got notice that I’d be spending my summer with that family, I rejected the idea. I had spent the previous summer in New Jersey, making regular trips to NYC and traveling all along the East Coast and I had fantasized about spending this next summer in California, living the LA life. Wisconsin and its sportsy, lake-centered summers didn’t seem attractive to me in the slightest. I contacted the Exchange Student organization asking to be relocated, to no avail. They said there was no good reason for me to change families and insisted that the Midwest was the perfect place for a 14 year old girl to spend her summer in.

So along I went. In the beginning, I didn’t have too much fun, but to be fair it was probably my fault given my attitude. It was also hard for me to navigate the American Teen Girl World I suddenly saw myself immersed in. I didn’t know quite how to fit in. But then, one fateful night, I was at a sleepover with my host sister at one of her friend’s houses. I was bored and felt left out from the group so I asked if I could go on the computer in her room. At this point, I was pretty unfamiliar with computers and the internet. These girls I was hanging out with though, all had AOL instant messaging screen names and talked to all their friends through there. And that prophetic night, as I logged into this girl’s computer, I started talking with a couple of her guy friends (they started the conversation btw!) and before you know it, I was making friends with my future husband and his then best friend. They were such different guys than any I had ever spoken to before, they made a mark in my life.

The next day I made sure to create my own screen name and contact them on AIM. We kept talking for a few days, and then not long before my Exchange Program was over, they decided to bike 2 hours across town (both in the same bike!)  to show up at my front door and meet me. It was AMAZING 🙂

I only saw them once again. Two times hanging out for about two hours each, is all it took for me to BELIEVE in this love at first sight that I felt for the next 4 years, until I was able to move to Wisconsin and move out into our own apartment with my now husband.

There’s really a lot more to the story and it wasn’t easy by any means, but my point here is that we all have experienced things that made us feel like there was something more to life, that more was possible. We’ve all had unexpected amazing experiences that inspired us to follow our Intuition into the unknown and made us dream about a different, better life for ourselves.

Depending on whether you Believe or not, you will follow those dreams or not. You will settle for “ok” or follow your wild, out-there, amazing feelings that encourage you to travel the less frequented roads of life.

I’m here to remind you of Walt Disney’s famous words:          If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it.

And what I want to add is that one of the Key Ingredients to making your Dreams come True, of working Real Magic in your life is being able to Believe. Believe through the seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the self-doubt, the naysayers and the unlikely odds.


From this experience, that has carried me over to all my other adult life Adventures in Manifesting, these are…

The Lessons I’ve learned on How to Believe:

★ Hold On To Your Dreams

When you get a whiff of something that feels amazing & awe-inspiring to you, no matter what it is, hold on to it.  When you see a vision & dream for yourself and it FEELS real & magical in your heart, no matter how crazy and unlikely it seems, hold on to it.

★ Back that Belief up with REAL ACTIONS

Make decisions based on your dreams & visions. No matter how much sense they seem to make, or not, work your butt off in making them happen, or at least in going in that direction.  And when you are losing your mind or encountering adversities and wondering “why the hell am I even going for this?” Remember the way you felt when you first had your dream, when you first FELT those thrilling feelings of Love, Wonder & Possibility.

★ Keep going No Matter What &  Don’t Stop until you Get It

No matter how difficult it gets (and if it it’s worth having, at some point, trust me, it *will* get difficult) how long it takes, how crazy it feels, how unlikely it seems, how big the obstacles get, how much you get discouraged by life’s circumstances or people around you. JUST keep going and like the Journey song says: “hold on to that feeling”.

★ Expect Tests

Whenever you Pursue Magic, there will be tests. Life will test you to see if you really want it, if you deserve it, if you’re willing to do what it takes to have it. All these tests are necessary and in the long run you will see they are good too. If it wasn’t for the tests, you wouldn’t build the character you need in order to successfully LIVE the dreams you are now pursuing once you manifest them.

★ Always Go with the Flow

When it comes to Believing, one must remain flexible always. By this I mean: follow the Universe’s lead. Don’t try to force How things should happen. Just focus on your Dreams, remember the Amazing feelings that led you to have those dreams in the first place and go along with whatever the Universe throws your way in the pursuit of them. Trust that, at the end of the day, everything is happening for your Benefit and if you keep at it, it will all make sense one day, even it doesn’t at the time. Most of the time, once it’s all said and done and you’ve Manifested everything you were dreaming about, the reality will exceed your wildest expectations. Just remember: the Universe is in control, and if I go with the Flow things will turn out Better than I can even Imagine.

★ Never Ever Give up

When you’re ready to give up, things are about to take a turn. A common thread I’ve observed through all my Adventures in Manifesting is that whenever I found myself at the end of my rope, ready to give up… Something happened and things took a turn for the better. The Universe pulled through. Maybe is the energy shift that takes place when you finally surrender, maybe it’s another way the Universe has of testing our commitment to our dreams. The fact remains: Every Single Time I was ready to give up on my dreams, I held on just a little longer, waited on taking any real actions towards my defeat…and then something happened, seemingly out of the blue that changed the game for me and brought me ever so much closer to my Dreams being realized. So when you’re ready to give up, give it just one or two more days before telling anyone, before *really* giving up, and watch the Universe make Miracles happen.

★ Remain Grateful & Remember the Magic

When your dreams do Manifest and your life goes on, make sure to remember regularly how AMAZING it is that they came to fruition and what an Outstanding Feat it is that they did. You will get new dreams, and you’ll get used to your new blessings, new problems will come around… remember to always cherish the fact that you would have given your left arm at one point to have your current reality, and no matter how difficult things get the fact is you ARE living your DREAMS already! Just from some years ago 😉