I always say that making Real Magic is a lot like cooking, it’s all a matter of mixing the Right Ingredients in the Right way and paying attention to details! Once you’ve mastered the basic skills, you can easily get creative and let your Intuition guide you in your Magical Pursuits.

Essentially you only need these 7 Key Ingredients to Master Magic, cast successful Spells & be effective with all kinds of Magical Processes…


The 7 Key Ingredients to Master Magic:



In order to make Magic happen in your Life you need to be aware of what kinds of thoughts you’re thinking on a daily basis, what your emotional habits are and how they make you feel  in your body.

Your Thoughts + Emotions + Focus are Your Most Powerful Tools when it comes to making Magic and Manifesting. You need to learn to use them to your advantage instead of letting them run wild and sabotage your efforts and desires.

To achieve this, first of all: you need to become aware of what’s going on with you in these departments. What are your Thought + Emotional  patterns? What are you Focusing your Personal Power on everyday?

If you’re not sure, there’s a simple question that if honestly contemplated will quickly get you up to speed…What are you Manifesting? If the reality of your Life does not match your desires and intents you can be sure that it matches your Thought + Emotional habits.

If you’ve never thought about this before, more often than not you will find that you Focus most of your Personal Energy everyday on your Thoughts + resulting Emotional Patterns.

Many times we’re so accustomed to thinking a certain way and feeling certain emotions that they become part of the emotional landscape of our lives and we don’t even realize the kind of “fires” we’re fueling with them everyday.

A good exercise to start becoming aware of what’s really going on with your Thought + Emotional Habits is to try to become aware of every time you complain through out the day. Doing something like putting a quarter in a jar every time you do so, will quickly bring you awareness of how much you really complain every day! When you catch yourself doing it, pay attention to how it makes you feel in your body. Complaining can be a huge drain in our lives and can inadvertently become a roadblock in the path to achieving our dreams. When you complain, even about something little or insignificant, you’re expressing dissatisfaction to yourself, you’re sending yourself and your Life the message that “things are unpleasant, you’re annoyed, you don’t like things…” This alone can boycott your Spells and all Magic Processes and efforts in general.
The reality is that you are a very Powerful Being and when you passionately complain about things, justified or not, you’re focusing all of your personal energy & infusing it with strong emotions on how much you dislike circumstances of your life, how things turn out or the surprises that life brings you. It might be hard to understand at first, but this is a much stronger Spell that you’re casting several times through out the day, everyday than that Spell you casted once for 15 minutes under the Full Moon last week.

Your Focus + Thoughts + Emotions need to be more committed to Manifesting your Desires than to your complaining, or any other self-sabotaging habit.




★ Emotional Navigating

What are Emotions and what is their True Purpose? Emotions tend to be Feeling responses to thoughts you’re having. Many times we think our Emotional Responses have to do with our Experiences, but in fact they’re our responses to the Thoughts we’re having about our Experiences. When something happens to you, your mind JUDGES it as good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant etc. and then you have a bunch of thoughts based on that judgment. Most of the time you only have these thoughts to validate that quick evaluation your mind just made for you. And your Mind only made that evaluation based on past experiences, your upbringing and cultural & social programming you’ve internalized willingly or not through out your years on this Earth.

This is a harsh reality to wake up to, but if you want to be in charge of your life and what happens in it, then the sooner you realize this and take responsibility for your Judgments, Thoughts & Emotions, the better.

So what is the True Purpose of Emotions? To let you know whether what you’re thinking about something is actually leading you down the path you want or not. Simple as that. So if you think something that happened is making you feel bad, in reality, what’s happening is that the judgment you made about what happened and the thoughts you’ve been having about it since are not leading you in the direction that you ultimately want to go with your life (on a smaller or bigger scale, depending on the situation). That’s why you feel bad, because thinking and focusing that way is NOT good for you and will NOT help you achieve what you actually want in your life.

When something feels good to you, it’s the complete opposite. It means that your judgment of the situation and the thoughts and feelings you’re having about it are actually conductive to your wellbeing and your achieving of your goals & desires for yourself & your Life.

Your Emotions are Guiding you at all times and this is why it is extremely Important to pay attention to them. Even though it’s quite common to learn to just suppress and ignore emotions and try to Guide Ourselves solely from our Intellect & Logical Mind, so sometimes it takes a little practice to re-train ourselves to follow our Emotional Guidance Systems. In reality, it’s really very simple, things that are good for you feel Good. Things that are bad for you feel Bad. When you’re thinking things that make you feel bad, you know that this way of thinking is taking you down a path that won’t be good for you in the long run or will manifest the reality you want. Whether these things you’re thinking are Logical, Justified, “Normal” or not.

When you think things that make you feel good it means your thoughts are in alignment with the creation you’re aiming to Manifest. If you continue down that path things will go well for you, you will end up feeling better and therefore doing better and allowing Magic to do its job.

It’s of vital Importance to use your Emotional Guidance System in all Magical Pursuits as well as your follow ups, it ensures that:

★ Your Magic Works

★ It Brings You your Actual Desired Outcomes

★ Spells don’t go wonky and end up creating something you were NOT aiming for.




Magical Visualization 

Magical Visualization is one of the most Important Ingredients in Ensuring your Magic actually Works and how well it does. It’s a skill definitely worth working on and mastering for it will “jump-start” any Magical Pursuit and significantly strengthen every Spell.

Magical Visualization is a sort of intense + focused fantasizing. Form clear mental pictures of your desired results already taking place and infuse the images with the emotions you’re aiming to achieve. Use your imagination to see your Desired Outcome already Manifested in your mind’s eye. Picture what you’re aiming to Manifest as realistically and vividly as possible. Generate the feelings that you’re aiming to create. If you’re able to get yourself TRULY feeling as if your objective is already achieved, results are pretty much guaranteed.

The most important thing when it comes to Magical Visualization is not just to see things in your mind’s eye but also feel them in your body. This will take some practice, even if you’re a natural, but I cannot stress enough what an Important Skill to Develop it is. Completely worth your time & efforts.




★ Focus 

In order to make Powerful Magic in your Life you need to be able to Focus your Personal  Energy in a certain direction for extended periods of time.

You need to learn to Focus on your Intent with as much intensity of emotion as possible.

To be able to Focus your Personal Power you start by attaining as much clarity as possible about your Intent. Decide what it is that you want from your Magical Efforts exactly and with the most detail possible. Then use Magical Visualization to See and Feel your Intent already fully realized. Focus as much as of your Personal Power & Energy into this Visualization.

The aim here is to create a sort of tunnel vision and only see things the way you want them. And this goes not just for the time while you’re doing your Spell but also afterwards with what I refer to as “the follow up”.  If you split your focus between the way things are and the way you want things to be, you will never give your Magic enough energy to actually physically manifest in your Life.

Think back on what I wrote about complaining, you need to be able to put as much Focused mental energy & emotion into “validating” your Spell or Magical Process for it to work as you would in complaining about something you wish changed.

Of coarse, the amount of Focused Energy + Emotion each Spell or Magical Pursuit requires for its Physical Manifestation varies greatly depending on what it is you want and how you feel about obtaining it.




★ Action

When you’re making Magic and Casting Spells, often times you will get random inspirations to do certain things. This can happen while doing Spell or Magical Work or afterwards, during your daily life. Things that might be out of the ordinary for you, things that may be outside of your comfort zone.

For Magic to work fully it’s Extremely Important to follow through with any calls to action that arise through or from the Magical Processes.

Often times when we cast a Spell for example, we don’t give much thought to the fact that in order to achieve something we’ve never before, we’ll have to do things we’ve never done before. Magic doesn’t change this unavoidable fact of life. If anything, it encourages it. When involved in Magical Workings you will often feel an urge or instinct to do something, take action in some kind of “unusual” way. When this happens, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, if you absolutely must delay, do it the least possible.

This is how Magic makes a way into your Life, this is how it opens pathways and doors that were previously unavailable to you. Beware not to ever overlook this, because this alone could sabotage your Spell or Magical Process.




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★ Alignment

Realize that what you think and as a result feel, is what starts the creation process in your life. Negative habits of thoughts will create negative feeling loops that can feel hard to get out of and will block all your Energy  & prevent your Magic from working.

Sometimes we feel like we need something but deep down, or subconsciously we don’t want it. This is the kind of split energy that can make Spells and all Magical Processes go haywire.

This is why Emotional + Mental Awareness is so important in Making Magic. You need to be able to look at yourself and honestly asses what’s going on with you and why you want what you think you want.  Before casting any Spells or doing anything Magical to obtain something, ask yourself important questions: What do I think I will achieve by getting this? What is the feeling I am trying to get by pursuing this? What kinds of things am I willing to do or not do in order to achieve this? What kind of side effects could there be to my achieving this and am I ok with those?

Most of the time we want what we want because we think we will feel a certain way when we get it, but if you take the time to really think it through and consider all scenarios that could take place, you will realize maybe you’re going after a feeling that is not guaranteed by that acquisition. This is also why with Spells and Magic in general it’s always better to aim for something general like “The Ideal Love Partner” than for a specific person. Focus instead on the type of person or relationship you desire.

If you make sure you’re in alignment with what you’re trying to get out of the Magical Processes you’re engaging in and you learn to Trust the Universe to bring you what you really need, it will all work out for the better for you.




★ Belief/Certainty 

This ties in with the last point.

Anything you fully believe in is Possible, and for Magic to work in your Life you need to have Total Certainty. If you aren’t convinced 100% of the power of You, your ability to Make Real Magic, and aren’t clear and coherent on your intention for it, your magic will not work.

There comes a point when it isn’t even about believing anymore,  it has to be about Knowing. You have to KNOW that what you’re doing is real and it will work for you.

If you find that you’re not there yet, maybe you need to look deeper into your practices, motivations and beliefs. Why were you attracted to Magic to begin with? Is it because you’re trying to find an “easy solution” to a problem? Or is it because you know there is more to Life than what we perceive with our senses and you truly believe that in order to create the change you’re looking for, you’re going to need to do something on an Energy level? Coming from this last perspective will make all the difference and you can almost guarantee results with that kind of attitude vs. the first example.

Once you’re done with your Spell, Ritual or Magical Process, for them to work, you need to  Let it Go & Act + Speak + Feel as if it is already Manifested. With complete Trust and Faith. This also ties in with what we previously touched on about Alignment.

Don’t spend your days over-analyzing the progress you see or don’t see. Don’t go digging for the results before you experience them. Let it go and remain open to your intended desires Manifesting in your Life in unprecedented or unexpected ways.  Trust me, you *will* know once your desires have manifested and when they do make sure to embrace them, celebrate them and give thanks to ensure their Long Lasting Existence.

Embrace the fact that at most we’re aware of 1 to 5% of Everything that’s going on in the Big Scheme of things. As humans, we usually can’t see the Bigger Picture of our Lives and how they tie in with Others’, specially when it comes to Timing.  So if you think your Spell is taking too long to work, don’t sweat it, tell yourself “the Universe Only Knows Perfect Timing” and trust that the Results will Show Up exactly when you Need them to. In the meantime, make an effort to stay alert and make sure to pay especial attention to any spiritual lessons this “delay” is bringing up in your life, even if you thought you had already learned them. Most times when “delays” happen it’s only because in order to be able to handle what we’re asking for, we’ll need to have mastered certain things, so the Universe will test you on those things before Physically Manifesting your Desired Results to make sure you’re ready for them! 😉