Magical Visualization it’s a way to visualize something in vivid detail and infuse it with life, in a way that it becomes so real to you, that it has no option but become physical in your life.

When it comes to Manifesting what you desire and all sorts of Magic Making, Magical Visualization is an Important Skill to develop. When you master this skill, you’re able to fuel & speed up all your Spells and Manifestations.

The skill of Magical Visualization is all about learning to create full blown realities in your mind, sort of like movies. Where you see, feel and experience every detail of your desired outcomes through your Imagination. The ultimate goal of Magical Visualization is to be able to make these experiences REAL to the point that you *FEEL* like you’re actually going through them. The process is really about tricking your mind, body & the energy of the space you inhabit into feeling that this experience is already 100% real and physical. When you do this, the Energy you inhabit shapes into your Imaged Vision.



See, when you make the experience of a visualization real, your subconscious mind can’t tell it’s just a visualization. Convince your subconscious mind that you are actually doing something by engaging your senses & emotions in the process of visualization and the next time the opportunity arises it will carry on with the responses, thoughts & actions of a person who has already achieved what you’ve been visualizing. If you’re persistent with this practice, you will be shocked at your own behavior & results. Your subconscious mind will become your biggest ally in manifesting your desires and it will do so in an amazing variety of ways. From seizing opportunities that you never noticed were available to you before, to taking chances you never considered or responding to events in a brand new way and therefore getting different results.



When it comes to Magical Visualization, the most important tool you have is your Imagination. Albert Einstein said that “Imagination is more Important than Knowledge” and with Magical Visualization this really shows to be true. Because what you need to know to make something happen in your life will come to you, once you’ve learned to see it & make it Come Alive in your mind.

So let’s say you want to be a Fashion Designer, and you have no idea how to become one. As long as you know what you want your Reality to look and feel like once this desire has already come true and you’re able to vividly imagine it as if it was a movie, for extended periods of time and put yourself right into those scenes and live them in your mind, you can Manifest it. It won’t happen all of a sudden & everything at once. But you will start getting leads & synchronicities guiding you along the way. And if you follow them up with dedicated action & commitment, you will somehow, in time find yourself on the way to making your dreams come true.

Visualizing is used in many different practices like meditation, design and even sports training. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and The Secret, they talk A LOT about the importance of Visualizing in making your dreams come true. But… what is the difference between fantasizing, regular visualizing & Magical Visualization?

It boils down to how real the experience ends up feeling to you. When you’re fantasizing, the images in your mind are usually dim & seem far away. When you visualize something the images seem flat and one-dimensional. But with Magical Visualization the movie in your mind not only looks vivid & real but it also has your emotions caught up in it to the point that it feels real.

The difference is subtle yet important, it’s what can make the difference between the images you are seeing in your mind’s eye becoming physically real or not, or how fast they do become real.

To make things as simple as possible, let me break it down for you:

Keys to Effective Magical Visualization


★ Seeing Images like movies, in Complete Detail

To physically manifest the reality you’re imaging these visions need to come to reality in your mind’s eye first. Take your goals & desires and turn them into visual, moving, highly detailed images. Turn certain experiences into full-blown scenes, like in movies. Craft the life of your dreams, shot by shot, scene by scene in your mind’s eye. Make these moving clips the brightest  and most vivid experiences. Make them come alive with bright colors, meaningful music & sound, and even a 3D feel if you can manage it.



★ Infusing Images with Emotions

In order to convince your subconscious mind that this situation is already happening to you, you need to infuse these images you’ve been picturing with the real-life emotions they would evoke in you if you were really experiencing them. There’s no way to fake this, you just need to find a way to muster up the emotions that you’re aiming to feel and leverage their energy, while you focus on the specifics of your desires.



★ Putting yourself right into The Scene

Seeing everything from your personal perspective is one of the most important aspects of effective Magical Visualization. This is the part that really sends your subconscious mind the message that these things are actually being experienced by you, so if you’re able to master this part of the process, your Manifestations will take place a lot faster and more accurately. A lot of times this is the hardest part for people, that’s why it’s a good idea to first focus on creating the movie in your head down to the most minute details and then put yourself right into it as the main character. Do your best to allow yourself to feel things from the first-person point of view, enjoying every aspect of your creation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For Magical Visualization to fully work, it is very important that when you’re finished with your session– you completely Let it Go, and you leave yourself with The Feelings that you created, the *same* that happens with any other “regular” experience in your life.

When you go out shopping with friends & have a great time, you don’t go back into your car thinking “well I hope that comes true!” No, you are just left with the after taste of the great feelings you experienced and you MOVE ON.

And remember, for Magical Visualization to work, you must of course always Follow the Universe’s cues & hints and most importantly TAKE ACTION on them. Follow the proverbial yellow brick road. Once you’ve spent some quality time practicing Magical Visualization, the road will show up and you just need to follow it and seize the opportunities & challenges that appear in your way. Trust that every one of them will be a step towards manifesting your desires.