The Holiday season is here and it can be a tricky time for a lot of Modern Witches. If you follow my witchy profiles on social media (I’m Allie Estrellas on FB & modernwitchsguidetolife on IG, let’s follow eachother if we aren’t already 😘) you’ve probably read my recent post about how a lot of us witches actually like to celebrate Christmas, because we grew up with it and can’t help but love the spirit of the holidays, in a pop culture way, even if we realize that the westernized christian concept of Christmas is completely wack. So we witchify the holiday, best we can. And a big thing about Christmas, whether you like it or not is… Gifts!

So here’s a list of my best picks of Last Minute Witchy Gift Ideas for Witches in your life or maybe if you’re the only witch in your family and you’re tired of everyone always getting you gifts you don’t even like… send them this link! or maybe you suspect a certain loved one has left everything for the last minute and is feeling, shall we say…lost? LOL  do yourself a favor and send him/her this link as well 😊

1901f014f37233e9017b93ddae6da219 CRYSTALS

Crystals are one of the best go-to gifts for any occasion for practically every witch. See, crystals are to witches like shoes to fashionistas – you can never ever have too many. (and I’m not saying there aren’t plenty of Fashionista Witches in this modern age, mind you 😉 ) But the great thing that crystals have on shoes is that you can actually get a witch a crystal she already has and chances are she still will like it just as much, because no two crystals are exactly the same and we love to have a variety of pieces of the same kind of crystal. Also they’re extremely easy to find. Most towns, even small ones, have a shop that sells crystals, even if it’s not per se a crystal shop. It might be a new-age shop, an herbal medicine store or even a place that sells jewelry or trinkets. In any case, there are also a ton of places online where you can get all kinds of crystals from all over the world. There are tons of lovely independent stores on Etsy & IG and they’re usually run by witches, so it’s great to support them.

Two of my fave Etsy crystal shops are  Zen with Gems & Crystals of the Moon and from IG there’s a really cool service called Awakening in a Box that sends you a box with different crystals every month (great witchy gift!).




Herbs fall in a similar category of gifts as crystals but they’re a bit different. See, a lot of herbs are everywhere and super easy to purchase at any grocery store, but other ones are trickier to find & therefore a lot more cherished by a witch. But the thing is: you really need to know the witch in question well to get her just the right herbs she uses often that are hard to find or expensive. So actually, the best is to stick to more commonly used herbs for most presents. But since it’s a simple gift, you will need to put a lot more attention to detail & presentation to make it be actual gift material. Buying a bunch of 1 dollar herb bottles at your grocery store and sticking them in a box will obviously never cut it. Hence the key: Pretty Jars. To really make it a good gift, you will want to find the best quality dried herbs you can get at your local gourmet or health food supermarket. Get a good selection of all the witchy basics like: sage, basil, bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods & anis star seeds. And it’s always good to add a coarse sea salt + rosemary mix if you can find one — or it isn’t hard to mix yourself, actually if you’re up to it and are savvy about herbs, you can make all kinds of personalized herb mixes which can make for a more thoughtful gift. Then get some fancy little glass bottles for the herbs & you can even make or print out your own pretty labels, draw them on with glass marker or buy some cute label stickers.

To upgrade this gift… just get a nice spice rack to go along with it or a beautiful box to keep them in.




This one will always, always be a winner with any witch. If you find a good witchy supplies store, either online or a local esoteric store, it will make any witch’s heart sing to get to go on a little shopping spree & get herself a bunch of witchy supplies. If the store doesn’t do Gift Cards you can always make a cutie one yourself or print the one on top that I made for y’all 😘

Here’s some awesome indepent Witchy Online Shops to choose from, if you are looking for ideas :

♥ The White Witch Parlour – This is a great shop full of lovely, handmade witchy supplies created by a lovely white witch from California that puts tons of love & good energy into everything she does.

♥ Love Child Threads – For cool t-shirts with magical + witchy messages.

Wicce Witch Box – Another lovely Witchy Subscription service! Sign your favorite witch up so she receives a box in the mail every month with a bunch of seasonally themed witchy supplies. Can’t go wrong with this one!




They say the first Tarot Deck a witch gets should be a gift from someone who loves her. It has serious rite-of-passage-gift potential because it’s the kind of super meaningful present that you can give to a novice witch and have her forever remember you. I got my first Tarot Deck for my 16th birthday from my then boyfriend, now husband and in a way, it shaped my life forever. At the same time, it’s also an excellent gift for seasoned Tarot Readers, it just comes down to getting a really special deck, perfect for them. The four decks above are some of my favorites, but there are hundreds out there!  It’s the kind of gift that some might prefer to go pick out in person, rather than buy it online, to assure the vibes feel just right when picking it. Check out your local Esoteric Shops or even Barnes & Noble for a pretty decent selection. And if you’re buying them online, make sure to do your research and  really look through the illustrations to make sure they match the witch in question’s tastes.

Here’s links to all my favorites from above 😉 :




This is one of those awesome go-to gifts for witches that never gets old and can be done in big or little ways to the same effect. And you can get them virtually anywhere! From the dollar store, to fancy stores at the mall, to every department store you can think of and even at your grocery store. It makes a perfect gift, no matter the occasion or relationship because a witch always needs more candles and she will use small, big, scented & not, artistically elaborate or simple candles. Candles are a witch’s bread & butter so you can really never go wrong (ok, unless they smell bad or are toxic lol).




Essential Oils are another great gift for both giver & receiver because they’re the kind of gift that adapts to any situation and most witches will always love new additions to their Essential Oil collection (unless they are not ones to work with or like strong scents).   You can keep it simple and get someone a couple of oils or you can take it up a notch and get them a bigger set with a tin to keep them in or maybe with an Oil Burner.




This is a really great gift for most witches, but especially novice witches. Why? Because it’s like a little all-in-one portable cauldron! And they make tons of ceramic options which, contrary to most people’s ideas, are the best kind to use for potions & brews. Yes, an iron cauldron is good to burn things in & useful during many rituals, but to make magical ointments, elixirs, potions etc basically to make anything you will put on your skin, eat or drink – metal is not the right place to make them. The best is ceramic followed by glass because they’re the most inert materials and they don’t react or absorb the energy of what’s held in them.

These are some of my favorite options from Amazon but you can find them in most Department Stores with a good cookwares section.




For many witches the pendulum is a trusted & reliable ally and they consult it daily. And even if the witch in question isn’t obsessed with pendulums yet, it’s all a matter of the right one making it into her reality. Either way, it makes for a wonderful witchy gift and will be appreciated by witches of any age or walk of life.

My favorite pendulum is from the Etsy Shop Primordial Bang. Dani, the designer behind the magical, witchy jewelry you’ll find there takes Custom Orders for Pendulums and she really has a knack for tapping into your energy and making the perfect one for you. Here’s mine, which is my favorite Pendulum I’ve ever owned:





If you want to go the cute route, this is definitely one of the all time cutest witchy gifts you can get that special witch in your life. It’s perfect for those witches who love Harry Potter & have a great time dressing up traditional witch style every Halloween. It’s also affordable enough that it can make a great last minute Christmas stocking stuffer or gift for a witchy co-worker or a magically inclined friend you just started to get to know recently.

Get them here:




All of these devices in all their variations are simply the bomb for any natural witch. Being able to make all kinds of herb oil infusions or fruity, healing water on the go and without mess is really one of the best witchy gifts you can give any of your earth-loving, healthy-living, garden-dwelling, herb enthusiast witchy friends.

You can find these in many high end department stores or health food stores like Whole Foods. Get the ones pictured above here:



These teas are one of the most magical beverages I’ve ever had in my life. My parents started bringing bags of them from China about 15 years ago and I’ve been mystified ever since! I cherish my little stashes whenever I am blessed to get them and I have a mystery mix of yet-to-be-opened blooms in my magical pantry right now. A Flowering Tea Set with a bunch of different flowers & a cute little see-through pot like this is a great witchy gift that any witch interested in tea and divination will just simply adore. The flavors are often surprising but always delicious and it certainly makes for fascinating tasseomancy sessions with friends & loved ones.

Here’s a really cute set you can order online:




This is another of those witchy gifts that will be appreciated by practically any witch, even if they already have one and particularly if they are kitchen or natural witches who work a lot with herbs, flowers & roots. The key here is to take your time making the right choice and picking a good, solid set made of either ceramic or wood, for the same reasons as the cauldron/fondue set.

Here’s my favorite picks from Amazon:




I love me a Himalayan Salt Lamp! As a modern witch who works from home in online businesses I spend a lot of my time in my office, on the computer. So having a Himalayan Salt Lamp around really helps keep the vibes good & grounded and prevent technology burn-out. It’s an excellent witchy gift for any witch who spends a lot of time in the computer and has a hard time disconnecting after work. They are also really nice in the winter because they exude an amazing-feeling heat, as well. Because they are a bit on the pricier side and they can last for years and years, it’s really makes a good gift for someone you’re close to.

You can usually find these lamps at New Age or Esoteric shops. You can also get different shaped ones online, here:

Love, Light & Blessings for a Magical Holiday Season to y’all 😘💖🎄✨⛄️❄️🎁🌟