Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where we’re exhausted, drained, crabby… maybe even depressed. I believe that 9 times out of 10 when this happens is because you haven’t been taking proper care of yourself.

What does taking care of oneself even mean, you might wonder. Well, it goes beyond the still very important healthy staples that we all know about, like eating well, getting enough rest, exercising, drinking enough water… but it’s also about how you are with yourself, how you make your small daily decisions, what you prioritize in your life. How you respond to people’s requests and demands, how you handle your responsibilities. This very important part of self-care gets overlooked often.

How high in your list is your well-being every day? Is it even in your list?

Do you make time for yourself? To spend time alone? To do those things that you wouldn’t say are truly necessary but make you feel a ton better whenever you do them?

If you make BEING & FEELING YOUR BEST a top priority in your life you will soon see how doing those little and big things that make you feel good on a regular basis are actually Very Necessary. The truth is they’re Vital to your Success in Life.


I know that as women we’re often focused on Everyone Else’s well being. It’s easy, almost second-nature for many of us to take responsibility for the well-being of those we care deeply about. So much so, that we often forget about ourselves and our needs or don’t even take them into consideration.

We make no plans to take care of ourselves, so we end up using all of our energy taking care of others or other things and end up with none for our own replenishment.

Ask yourself this: how much do you care about yourself? Do you love yourself as much as you love your children, partner, parents, siblings, friends?

Whether you feel like you do or you don’t, I hope that just pondering the question makes you realize how IMPORTANT and in truth, basic it is to actually CARE & LOVE yourself for your life to be a good one.

In order to get what you want in Life and reach your potential you have to be feeling your best as much of the time as possible. Because when you’re feeling your best you have access to sides of yourself that aren’t accessible to you when you’re feeling down.  Your magical side, is one of those sides. If you have trouble accessing your gifts on demand or you are feeling out of touch with your magical self lately, it’s probably because you haven’t been spending enough time by yourself, taking care of your needs, doing your thing. These sides of yourself that you have access to when you’re caring for yourself properly are your most valuable, original & capable sides of you. Don’t ever overlook them or undervalue them.They’re the ones that are going to make your dreams come true.

If you’ve been run down, exhausted, crabby or even depressed for a long time then you might not even easily remember what living life with total access to those Magical Sides of yourself feels like. But it’s so worth it to make the effort to. Remembering those times and how in the flow you felt is one of the best tricks I know to snap yourself out of the daze of self-neglect and get you feeling motivated to start taking care of yourself again.

Take a look at your priorities and simplify. Make Self-Care your #1 Priority. Put aside everything you can for a day and fill your daily To-Do list with activities and tasks that will make you feel good. That will restore you and replenish you. Activities that will make you laugh, relax, and feel in the flow again.


Deliberately give yourself moments of Peace and Joy.

As often as possible.

Make an effort to make this happen regularly and you will reap big rewards in all areas of your life. This I know for sure.

This new attitude might feel silly at first, probably irresponsible. You might feel like you’re being ridiculous putting things like face masks, movies or walks on the beach on your To-Do lists instead of groceries, laundry or other chores. But trust me, once you’ve spent your time relaxing doing face masks, laughing with your favorite movies or soaking up the sun walking on the beach you will find that somehow everything else that truly needed to get done gets done on the fly, by someone else or organically in a way that isn’t as much of a hassle or problem as you had anticipated.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to start neglecting your responsibilities or stop being there for the people you love and just be selfish and focus on you instead. What I am telling you is that it’s all about balance and you need to make sure to make the time and the effort to do nice things for yourself and meet your needs, just as you would for those you love. When you make an effort to be loving towards yourself everyday, with real actions, you will soon start to see the difference in how things unfold in your life.


Prioritize yourself, send the message to the Universe: I matter, what I want matters, and my feeling good is a priority for me. And the Universe will always supports you in this statement. Watch it arrange wonderful synchronicities to support your efforts to take better care of yourself and be more loving towards yourself.

The Universe knows you are a Treasure to be Cherished. It knows that to inspire and bring something of value to the world, as you are meant to, you need to take care of yourself and make sure you have what you need to Develop your Potential. So it will always support your doing that.

Shift your focus to Self Care you will start to thrive, not just get by.   ♥♥♥