I believe Every Woman is born a Witch, it is her choice whether to learn to be a better one.

You are not just a woman, you are a Force of Nature, Powerful and Mysterious.

You know there is Magic at play in your life… the way things come together or fall apart… the unexplainable hunches, the feelings, the dreams, the coincidences, your powerful drive — that strong burning desire that is there sometimes, fueling your adventures and experiences.

And you’ve always known about Witches, since you were a very little girl, Pop Culture has made sure of that. There’s been good examples, bad examples and a whole lot of bullshit-sounding information, but deep down, you’ve always wondered: am I a witch? is magic real?

I believe you get to define what being a Witch means to you.

My personal belief is that Witches are Wise Women who take control of their lives. Sometimes by Supernatural means, sometimes by Natural means. But I believe that as women, we’re all doing that to some extent, consciously or not.

Wise Women though, learn how to work with Nature and master their Powerful Gifts. They deliberately co-create their Lives with the Universe.

Learning to understand the Universe and Nature, how to Focus and use your Energy and Powers…is key for them to serve you.

See, when we go about our lives not paying much attention to our own Power and we don’t know much about the Laws of the Universe, the Magic that is inside all of us is easily misdirected and can create all kinds of things we don’t want.

If you learn to utilize it and work with it though, you can Create the Life that you’ve always Wanted and most importantly: Feel the way you’ve always Wanted to Feel.

Everything is Energy and you are a powerful channel for that Energy.

Whether you are conscious of it or not, whether you understand how it works or not, you are the Creative Force behind everything that happens in your life.

I believe that learning to be a conscious and deliberate co-creator with Nature and the Universe can unlock your potential and remove ALL limitations from your life, no matter what they are.

Most of us have experienced things we haven’t been able to explain. They seem to be a normal occurance in our childhoods. Back then we knew these things were real, because they felt real to us and we didn’t need more proof than that. But as we grow older, we’re usually taught to dismiss any experience or feelings that our rational minds can’t immidiately make sense of.

You know what I’m talking about…it’s those “strange” experiences, thoughts, feelings– your intuition.

Some adults have learned to instinctively trust their intuition, yet they don’t go much further. But learning to work and trust your intuition and gifts is what untaps all your potential and makes it possible for you to make your Dreams come true.

See, I believe you have the Dreams and fantasies you have for a reason. I believe that if you feel strongly compelled or attracted to something from deep inside of you, it’s because you were meant to do it, no matter how impossible it seems to you from where you are now standing.

But while your Powers lay untapped and you are living on auto-pilot, trying to guide yourself by external cues instead of your Internal Guidance System…all those Dreams seem far out of reach, and most people end up settling for what they’ve been told by other discouraged people is “realistic”.

I know deep down, you know all this. You know there is a well of untapped Power within you. A world of possibilities. A Wild Thing. A strong current that, in this society, we learn to try and keep under control. We are afraid, this strong, burning, unexplainable current of energy could make us…lose control.

But I believe the truth is quite the opposite… giving into this current, exploring it, letting it grow and even take over, if done wisely– will give you more control over your life than you ever dreamed of. You can learn to co-create with the Universe. You can feel fulfilled once you start following where your Inner Guidance has been trying to take you all along.

Like Glenda the Good Witch said: the power is all yours, it’s been in you all along.

By realizing, accepting and embracing that you are a Witch, you are taking responsibility for those Powers. You are owning up to the fact that you are a Powerful Force of Nature.

It is your choice: whether to just keep at it the way you’ve been doing it, trying to hold on to the little control we all seem to have over our lives, often times not sure of what’s exactly going on or why things work out the way they do, playing it by ear…hoping for the best.

Or you can Learn about yourself, your True Nature, your Powers, the Energy that makes up everything, how you channel it, how it all works.

Live your life on purpose, co-create with the Universe, learn to recognize your Inner Wisdom and let it be your guide.

Become a Wise Woman…a Witch.