Happy New Moon in Aquarius + Solar Eclipse, witchy babes!

In the midst of Eclipse Season right now, which is a magical time of the year indeed. February this year has no Full Moons, so this is THE ONE – yet pretty major- lunar event of the month. This New Moon in Aquarius, amplified by the Solar Eclipse – which was only visible to some countries in South America & Antarctica but still affects us all around the globe equally – is here to bring some subtle, yet revolutionary “aha moments” to our lives.

Solar Eclipses are essentially super potent New Moons that generally happen every 6 months. Most years have 4 eclipses & 2 of these are always solar eclipses. While rare, the maximum number of eclipses that can take place in a calendar year is 7 & this year we’ll have a total of 5 (2 Lunar Eclipses & 3 partial Solar Eclipses). So all in all, there are 2 or 3 eclipses during every eclipse season.

This particular Solar Eclipse, last of the current season, because it’s happening along with a New Moon in Aquarius will bring a time of powerful realizations & shifts in awareness, more specifically in the Aquarius areas of our lives. If you’re an Aquarius or it’s predominant in your chart you will be affected the most.

Here’s a list of things to expect when a Solar Eclipse takes place:

These changes in perspective have been building up in the past 6 weeks and will unfold + reach their peak during the following 4-6 month period leading up to the next Solar Eclipse, first one of the next eclipse season, July 13th. However, this upcoming month is when we will see most of the shifts taking place. Given that it’s all being instigated by a New Moon in Aquarius, most of these changes will feel more like evolutions (or maybe revolutions!) of consciousness. Our perception of self, our goals & how we relate to the world + others are fixed to go through a major & liberating overhaul.

If you’ve been feeling lost, confused & overwhelmed for a while, especially after all the big changes + rearrangements that have taken place in your life since late last year this New Moon in Aquarius heralds the beginning of the end of the confusion. Soon we’ll all be feeling like a really thick curtain has been lifted from our eyes & we can finally see far + wide in a way we haven’t in a long time. Situations we’ve been emotionally engulfed in for years without knowing even why or where exactly they were leading us will suddenly clear themselves out in an almost too-easy-to-believe-its-happening fashion. This will especially be true for Aquarians or for the areas in your chart influenced by Aquarius.

Get ready for a powerful “I was blind but now I see” moment

or more accurately, series of moments in both your outer + inner lives that will lead to more practical enlightenment than you’ve experienced in years.

On the subject of magic during this New Moon in Aquarius: because of the Eclipse & everything, there’s people that will advise you against doing anything witchy at a super charged time like this, unless you’re really experienced. I personally say: go with the flow. If you feel pulled to do any sort of magical process, go for it. Just make sure you’re following your intuition every step of the way. Don’t over-think things and if you aren’t very experienced don’t try to do some grandiose spell or ritual, especially if someone else wrote it.

This New Moon in Aquarius is actually a time where our Higher Selves are easier for us to connect with, so as long as you’re relaxed, grounded & in alignment with your True Essence, any magical activities you engage in tonight or the next few nights have huge potential, especially if they are favored works like the following:

Love, Light & Blessings to y’all 😘💖🌑🔮♒️